ClimateCare delivers positive environmental and social impacts around the world.

Our integrated Climate & Development approach is already delivering value for people, the environment and for businesses. We’ve helped over 800 partners cut 16.5 million tonnes of COand improve the lives of 6 million people, so far.

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Offset your unavoidable carbon footprint through projects that provide safe water, tackle poverty and improve health. Offsetting through ClimateCare’s award winning projects will help you take quick, effective action to protect the environment and make a measurable improvement to people’s lives.


Our award winning team will design and deliver projects to your sustainable development priorities. We deliver some of the largest and most successful corporate sustainability initiatives in the world. Our focus is always on generating maximum return on your investment for people and the environment. We will also identify partners to scale up your impact and ensure delivery of robust, verified results that stand up to scrutiny.

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