Could a Climate+Care approach Deliver Social, Environmental and Business Value in your Supply Chain?

For 18 years, ClimateCare has delivered sustainability programmes for business and governments around the world and to date it has cut more than 16.5 million tonnes of CO2 and improved the lives of over 6 million people.

But ClimateCare is not a charity. We are a certified B Corporation – an international movement of for-profit organisations that are using the power of business for good. And as a business ourselves we fully recognise that maximising the measurable business value for our partners is as valuable to them as delivering sustainable environmental and social impacts. So, we focus on both sides of the Shared Value equation.


A Climate+Care programme delivers environmental,
social and business value.


The ClimateCare team are based in Nairobi, Kenya and Oxford in the UK and combine a unique mix of project development, financial innovation, communication and sustainability strategy expertise.

ClimateCare’s Edward Morello, explains how the organisation’s award winning approach works in practice and how it can benefit businesses involved with tea production and other agricultural supply chains in the developing world.


How does applying the Climate+Care approach to your supply chain work in practice?

We developed this Climate+Care model with some of our long standing corporate partners, helping them strengthen the business case for action and deliver robustly measured, cost effective outcomes for people, the planet and their business.

The extent of the programme will reflect your budget, and your requirements. A simple approach would be to review your existing CSR and supply chain activity and identify quick and cost effective opportunities to scale what you are already doing  or buy in to our existing programmes to strengthen your impact.

At the other end of the scale, we work with organisations to develop complete programmes from scratch.

Our expert team work with your supply chain communities to understand their requirements and then assess and select the most appropriate products and distribution mechanisms to meet those needs– with a focus on developing sustainable markets for these products and providing access to affordable finance.

We then pilot and launch programmes that will deliver measurable carbon reductions and improve lives – helping to tackle poverty, improve health,  empower the local community and increase resilience in your supply chain.

Whilst we deliver the programmes on the ground we will also be supporting you to maximise business value: for example through developing and implementing the internal and external communications strategy to support your work.


How does that benefit my business?

Aside from demonstrating responsibility to your supply chain and investing in their health and wellbeing – something that customers and stakeholders increasingly expect – a healthier, wealthier and happier workforce is more productive, resilient to change and loyal to your business. In addition, the programme will deliver measurable progress towards your sustainability and carbon reduction targets.

Depending on your business there maybe opportunities to position your products and services as part of the programme and to build positive relationships with local media, government and key influencers.

We’ve found that programmes like this, which reflect your business purpose, make simple and immediate sense to people at all levels. As such, they are a great vehicle to engage employees with your supply chain, your environmental activities and your actions as a responsible business.

Our communications team are regularly involved in devising and delivering employee and stakeholder engagement activities, and can even help your teams get hands on with research, project launches and ongoing community visits to measure impacts.


Can you give me some example of supply chain programmes you’ve delivered?

As one example we are working with The Co-operative Group to improve lives and tackle climate change by providing safe water to a tea growing co-operative within its Fairtrade supply chain. The first part of this project is in Kericho and will cut around 6,400 tonnes of carbon per year and provide safe water to 14,000 people.




And, in the UK supermarket supply chain we have recently instigated a programme to provide affordable clean cookers to agricultural workers, saving them money on fuel bills and improving health, by reducing exposure to indoor air pollution. This project uses investment by DFID Kenya and 8000 workers are set to take advantage in 2015 – each saving £125 in fuel costs every year.




If you are interested in finding out more about how a Climate+Care programme could deliver value for your business, please contact or call +44(0)1865 591000.



Edward helps our clients take ownership of their environmental and social impacts by identifying activities that will have a positive influence in the areas they operate. Co-ordinating expertise across our Oxford and Nairobi teams he helps create programmes that deliver value for people, the planet and your organisation.