Empowering Women And Girls

It’s widely recognised that creating opportunities for women is essential to build stronger economies, achieve development goals and improve the quality of life for whole communities.

Many societies dictate that girls and women have the main responsibility for the care of children, the elderly and the sick, as well as for running the household, including the provision of water and energy supplies. And, whilst some of this work, particularly looking after family members, is valued by those undertaking it, much – such as water and fuel collection – is classed as drudgery and takes time away from school or generating secure incomes and better working conditions.

Unlocking time and relieving the burden and drudgery of household tasks is the most important first step to economic empowerment for women and girls in the world’s poorest countries. And it can act as a stepping stone to tackling poverty and improving life for the household and community.


What We Do

Our programmes can help free up time for women to spend on more productive and fulfilling activities and increases the amount of time girls can spend in school. For example, we help tackle the issue of collecting fuel wood.

In Zambia it is estimated that women spend more than 800 hours a year collecting firewood, compared to less than 50 hours spent by men. In less secure environments, women and children are also at risk of injury and violence.

By improving access to alternative sources of clean energy our solar, clean energyimproved cookstoves and safe water programmes cut the need to walk long distances to gather fuel. At the same time these programmes improve health by cutting indoor air pollution, reduce deforestation and help tackle climate change.


What You Can Do

Our programmes offer a proven, cost effective way to free up time and give women and girls around the world the opportunity to fulfil their potential – creating jobs, generating prosperity and improving health. Whether you want to support an existing programme or replicate it in your supply chain we can help.


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