Green Energy

Why is renewable energy important?

According to the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) we’re on course for a temperature rise of 3-5 degrees by 2100. The International Energy Agency states that whilst limiting warming to two degrees is “technically feasible, it requires a fundamental transformation of the global energy system” – highlighting that renewable electricity production needs to more than double by 2020.


You can make a difference

By taking steps to secure green energy, Corporate Buyers have the power to scale up renewable power provision around the world, sending a signal to the markets and securing cleaner, more efficient power sources that help tackle climate change, create jobs and protect precious ecosystems.

Funding renewable energy is also good for your business. It increases security by reducing dependence on fossil fuels, improves reputation, shows environmental leadership and can help deliver emission reduction targets.

Leading organisations around the world are already taking action. ClimateCare can help your business use its purchasing power for good in an assured and cost effective way, meeting the expectations of your customers, staff and investors and securing your long term future.


Key benefits of ClimateCare Green Energy

  • Cost effective – an efficient way to mitigate GHG emissions from your energy consumption and support development of renewable energy capacity.
  • Meet expectations of customers, staff and stakeholders – demonstrate action towards
    sustainability commitments.
  • Company reporting – report net zero carbon emissions from electricity in your GHG emissions, CDP and CSR reports (under GHG Protocol Scope 2 guidance).
  • Regulated – rules, procedures and tracking systems mean no risk of double counting.
  • Re-enforce your brand – simple messaging and a positive story for staff and stakeholders.
  • Use your purchasing power to drive changes towards a low carbon economy.
  • Maximise impact – can be combined with Carbon Offsetting or a Climate+Care programme to deliver even greater impacts for people the environment and your business.
  • Trusted supplier – ClimateCare is a Queen’s Award winning provider of environmental solutions for business and a founder member of ICROA. ClimateCare is shortlisted for Business Green Environmental Consultancy of the Year 2015.


ClimateCare can save you money and make a measurable difference to the environment. For details email


How does it work?

With ClimateCare Green Energy you can take quick, cost effective action to support the expansion of renewable energy provision around the world:


1. European Green Energy
Support the expansion of renewable energy provision in Europe. European Energy Certificates are a recognised and cost effective way for your business to take responsibility for Scope 2 emissions. Report your annual electricity use to ClimateCare who will source, purchase and retire European Energy Certificates on your behalf. This matches your energy use to an equivalent amount of clean renewable power.


2. International Green Energy
Support renewable energy provision in locations and technologies of your choice by purchasing carbon credits from best practice renewable energy projects. Choose to support wind, hydro power, energy from waste, or geothermal energy. You can also opt to support off-grid energy provision through solar technology and clean cooking programmes. Where carbon credits are purchased from projects in the same country as your operations, new rules mean you are able to report net zero carbon from electricity usage in your GHG reporting.



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For Maximum Impact – ClimateCare can develop a bespoke Climate+Care programme for your business that will make the most effective use of your budget to deliver against your environmental, sustainable development and corporate responsibility objectives. We will develop programmes that deliver against your targets, engage your staff and demonstrate your leadership in climate and sustainable development. Contact us for more details.