We have 20 years’ experience delivering award winning Climate+Care programmes for corporate and government clients. Our expert team work in partnership with you to deliver high quality, integrated sustainability programmes, which allow your organisation to take responsibility for carbon and other impacts.

Our Climate+Care approach creates social and environmental outcomes quickly, cost effectively and at scale. To date we have cut 20.6 million tonnes of CO2 and improved life for 16.5 million people.


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From offices in the UK, Kenya and India, ClimateCare works with government and corporate partners to tackle climate change, drive sustainable development and build climate resilience.


Corporate Services

Take Responsibility for Impacts and Manage Risk: Measure your impacts, plan effective Climate+Care programmes and take action through activities including: Green Energy, Carbon Offsetting, SDG programmes, Insetting, Supply Chain Resilience, Stakeholder Engagement and Market Development.


Public Sector Services

Deliver more for your budget: With our Expert Climate & Development Research, Policy Advice, Programme management, Project Delivery and MRV Services.


Individual Services

Measure and offset your carbon emissions: Use our online calculator, to cut global carbon emissions and improve lives.


Case Studies

Find out more about how we are working with public and private sector partners to cut carbon and improve lives through our Climate+Care programmes.


Climate+Care Projects

Find out more about our safe water, clean cooking, solar power, sustainable agriculture, clean energy and forestry projects.


Call for projects:

If you are looking for funding to scale a project that delivers measurable carbon reductions and social impacts, we might be able to help. Click here to tell us more about your requirements.