2014 Ecosystems State of the Voluntary Carbon Markets report is previewed

ClimateCare’s CEO, Edward Hanrahan, attends Carbon Expo, Cologne, to discuss the summary findings of the latest Ecosystems Marketplace report on the voluntary carbon markets.

According to this year’s State of the Voluntary Markets report, previewed by Forest Trends’ Ecosystems Marketplace, in 2013 companies, countries and citizens offset 76 million tonnes ( MtCO2e) of GHG emissions, averting the same emissions as the UK’s entire residential*sector.

Offsets earned by clean cook stoves and safe water projects in the developing world remained highly attractive. Projects such as LifeStraw Carbon for Water markedly improve health as users are less exposed to water-borne diseases. In the case of Gyapa clean cook stoves, homes are provided with clean stoves that reduce indoor air pollution, a major cause of premature deaths, and boost the economy as personal fuel expenditure drops and time and money is freed for other goods and services. Forest conservation is also popular, especially to those new to offsetting.

Motivated by their dual responsibilities to communities and the environment, more and more Corporate Social Responsibility leaders are choosing projects that offer measurable improvements to people’s lives as well as reducing carbon.

Above all, the 2013 market report calls on the sector to reach out to new markets and work with partners to promote voluntary offsetting as best practice, and to encourage new organisations to show leadership in combating climate change, by taking responsibility for their unavoidable climate impacts.

Read the summary report here. Full report coming soon.

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*According to DECC figures published March 2014, the residential emissions from fuel combustion for heating/cooking, garden machinery and fluorinated gases released from aerosols/metered dose inhalers were 77.5 MtCO2e

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