Rob Stevens ClimateCare & Zelda Bentham Aviva


Rob Stevens enjoying the Ethical Corporation Awards last night with Aviva’s Zelda Bentham. We were shortlisted for our work measuring the community impacts of Aviva’s ClimateCare programme, using the LBG framework. A world first, it was described by Jonathon Porritt as a Game Changer.

“Aviva’s focus on robust measurement enabled it to realise the value of using its carbon offset budget to support projects that also deliver measurable benefit to local communities. This approach has allowed them to improve a staggering 395,000 people’s lives so far, at the same time as offsetting their carbon emissions. I’m particularly pleased that they are not keeping this knowledge to themselves, but working with ClimateCare – which this year won a Queen’s Award for Sustainable Development for its integrated approach to tackling climate and development challenges – it is actively sharing this knowledge, making it possible for others to assess the social impact of their carbon offset programmes for the first time. This new information will help businesses make the case for investing in these integrated projects, and as a result will benefit millions of people around the world – that’s what makes this a game-changer”, says Jonathon Porritt, Founder, Forum for the Future

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