Partnership with ClimateCare will support community engagement in Kenya and deliver significant carbon savings

London, UK. Arup is pleased to announce its partnership with ClimateCare to bring the benefits of energy efficient, clean cooking technology to 100,000 people in Kenya over the next three years.

Today, three billion people across the developing world cook on open fires or rudimentary cookstoves. The new energy efficient cookstoves provided through the ClimateCare Arup partnership, reduce exposure to hazardous indoor air pollutants, a primary cause of respiratory disease.

As a result of burning charcoal more efficiently, the cookstoves provide a measurable reduction in carbon emissions. The carbon emissions saved will equate to a third of Arup’s total global carbon emissions.

Modern energy efficient cookstoves are available in Kenya – but are financially out of reach to many. Using ClimateCare’s revolving fund model, low-income households will be able to buy this life-improving technology, by accessing low interest loans. The fund model allows for a longer term, systemic approach to providing support, allowing many more people to access the technology than would otherwise be possible.

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Once the loan is paid a household can save between $150 and $250 a year on fuel – which goes a long way as the average income per capita is just $250 per month.

Edward Hanrahan, CEO at ClimateCare stated “We are delighted to be partnering with Arup on the delivery of this integrated sustainability programme which will deliver robust and measurable outcomes to benefit the world’s poorest communities, and deliver against the UN’s Global Goals”

Caroline Ray, Regional Director for East Africa, at Arup, commented “Our intention was to find a way to set up a new project that would deliver sustainable development and community engagement specifically in Kenya.  We’re excited to be involved in this initiative which we believe will deliver tangible, measurable benefits to both local communities and the environment”.


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