Judges commended ClimateCare partner Aura Light, for putting sustainability at the core of their business strategy and operations​, as they awarded it 2015 European Frost & Sullivan Entrepreneurial Company of the Year last week.

Aura Light International provides sustainable lighting and has worked with ClimateCare since 2008 to offset unavoidable carbon emissions through climate and development projects including Cookstove Projects and LifeStraw Carbon For Water that improve lives as well as protecting the environment.

Gunnila Danström of Aura Light said “We’re delighted to win this award as we constantly work to improve the efficiency of our products and processes, to both help our customers to become sustainable and have sustainable operations. As long as we’re emitting carbon, offsetting makes sense. By choosing to work with ClimateCare we are supporting projects that improve lives as well as tackling climate change.”

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