“We constantly work to improve the efficiency of our products and processes, to both help our customers to become sustainable and have sustainable operations.  In an ideal world we wouldn’t have to offset, but as long as we’re emitting carbon, offsetting not only makes sense for the planet and the generations to come, it’s good for business.  We’re very happy we chose ClimateCare,”

Gunilla Danström,
Aura Light International AB


Patrick Blake of UNEP presents Anett Grusser Pettersson of Aura Light with the Global Efficiency Medal from Inter-governmental initiative, SEAD.



Aura Light International is an award-winning company providing smart, sustainable lighting that it calls Brighter Lighting. Its lighting solutions help customers reduce their costs, energy consumption and environmental impact.

Aura Light has over 80 years’ lighting experience, and continues to strive for efficiency in production processes and ever-more energy efficient lighting solutions , offering customers up to 80% in energy savings. In 2015 it was a proud winner of the Global Efficiency Medal through The Super-efficient Equipment and Appliance Deployment (SEAD) initiative. However, despite the award-winning efficiency of its products, and efforts to reduce its carbon emissions, it still has a residual carbon footprint.

With a relatively small footprint, the challenge for Aura Light was to find a supplier that could provide offsets from the innovative good quality projects it desired, at a competitive price.



ClimateCare’s Mixed Portfolio is perfect for businesses with a small footprint that want to offset  emissions cost effectively, whilst still supporting integrated Climate and Development projects that protect the environment and improve people’s lives.

“We wanted to offset the emissions from the production and transport of our Aura Light products so we researched the market to find the best offset supplier” states Gunilla Danström, Marketing Director at Aura Light International AB.  “Our close cooperation with ClimateCare makes sure that we get an option providing the greatest impact.”


Aura Light’s Brighter Lighting at the European Parliament



ClimateCare was able to offset Aura Light’s carbon footprint through its Mixed Portfolio. Its expert Portfolio Management team selected a combination of offsets from projects, balancing impacts on people and the environment with an affordable price per tonne.  By providing communications materials and working closely with Aura Light’s team, ClimateCare also help Aura Light tell the story of the projects it has supported and the impact it has had.

“ClimateCare regularly highlight communications opportunities to demonstrate how our support for their projects delivers against multiple sustainable development goals. This support helps us engage our staff and customers about the importance of taking action on climate change and helps to enhance our brand”, continues Gunilla.



Aura Light has  offset 14,000 tonnes since 2008, supporting Gold Standard projects including the award-winning LifeStraw Carbon For Water project, which is providing over 4 million people in Western Kenya with safe water, and clean cooking projects in Uganda and Ghana. It also supports wind energy projects in India.

“What’s great about working with the team at ClimateCare is that I know we are both working for the same thing – reduced emissions and happy communities. It’s a real partnership” – Gunilla Danström.