As the Gola Rainforest project receives the Environmental Care Award 2018 from Shout Climate Change Africa, we are delighted to share new photographic evidence about how the project is providing a home to endangered wildlife from the African River Hog and Chimpanzees – to the elusive Pygmy Hippo. Rare wildlife photographs from the Gola Rainforest … Continued

ClimateCare wins Project Development Award

We are delighted to announce that ClimateCare has won the Environmental Finance Award for Best Project Developer Public Heath 2018. We have held this award every year since it was created in 2012 – a reflection of our sector leading capability in delivering projects that cut carbon and improve lives. If you choose to work … Continued

ClimateCare’s work on plastics featured in Times article

18th July, Oxford Read all about our work on plastics and what makes a successful impact investment in this week’s Raconteur special interest report published in The Times highlighting the future of investing. The article ‘Delivering impact in investing’, by Benjamin Chiou, follows an interview with our CEO Edward Hanrahan and highlights ClimateCare’s unique approach … Continued

New guidance: How to structure a climate strategy

This new guidance from the Gold Standard, CDP and WWF, sets out four key pillars for companies to set an effective climate strategy: MEASURE + DISCLOSE climate impact and risks REDUCE climate impact and risk in line with science FINANCE the global transition to a zero-carbon resilient economy ADVOCATE for strong policy frameworks Complete the form … Continued

Rising CO2 may increase dangerous weather extremes

New research from the University of Oxford and collaborators at several other institutions provides compelling evidence that meeting the global warming target of 1.5°C may not be enough to limit the damage caused by extreme weather. Read more Speak to our experts about the options for your organisation to take responsibility for its CO2 emissions. Call … Continued