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Virgin Atlantic partner with ClimateCare to help customers offset carbon emissions

Virgin Atlantic has today launched a new calculator to help its customers measure and offset the carbon emissions associated with their flights. These emissions will be offset by climate and sustainable development experts ClimateCare, through projects that cut carbon and improve people’s lives.

“As an airline, fuel and carbon efficiency are our number one environmental priority. To reduce emissions, we’ve invested in new, fuel efficient aircraft for our fleet, as well as reducing weight onboard and improving operational procedures to fly more efficiently. We also want to make it easy for our customers to contribute to carbon reduction projects and are working with the experts at ClimateCare to make that a reality.” Kathryn Asplin, Sustainability Specialist, Virgin Atlantic

The carbon offset calculator will allow Virgin Atlantic customers to measure and offset their carbon footprint through ClimateCare’s trademark Climate+Care projects, which cut carbon and improve people’s lives. Customers will receive a certificate to show the emissions that have been offset and encouraged to share their actions through social media to encourage others to follow their lead.

Projects supported will include clean cooking technology in the developing world, where over 3 billion people still cook on open fires. Not only does this cause CO2 emissions, but the toxic fumes kill more people every year than malaria and tuberculosis combined – making it one of the worlds biggest hidden killers. By offsetting carbon emissions through the ClimateCare calculator, Virgin Atlantic customers will help finance provision of clean cookstoves that can halve carbon emissions, reduce indoor air pollution and save families on average $120 on fuel costs every year.

“This is just the start of our work together and we look forward to working with Virgin Atlantic to develop the programme over time.” Robert Stevens, Head of Partnerships, ClimateCare

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UK Chancellor considers compulsory carbon offsets across the travel sector

In his spring statement this afternoon, UK Chancellor Phillip Hammond has announced that he wants to give people the option to travel ‘carbon zero’. The government will call for evidence on offsetting transport emissions, with the aim of finding out what consumers understand about the emissions from their journeys and their options to offset them. It will also look at whether travel providers should be required to offer carbon offsets to their customers.

At ClimateCare we welcome this vital step in helping air travellers understand the environmental impact of their flights and what they can do to mitigate this impact through the use of high quality, additional Emission Reductions.

We work with clients across the travel sector, providing a range of customer carbon offset programmes. We are the selected carbon offset partner for IATA – the International Air Transport Association, which represents 290 airline and 82% of air traffic – and offer their members a turn-key customer offset solution. 

At the other end of the scale, we operate and manage some of the largest customer carbon offset programmes in the world and work with partners to develop bespoke programmes that meet their exact requirements.

“ClimateCare has proved itself to be a trusted, credible partner in helping our members to address their carbon reduction responsibilities effectively. We value both its expertise in delivering world-class carbon offsetting programmes and helping our members to engage with their passengers on sustainability. We would encourage more airlines to get involved and take advantage of this expert resource.”

Michael Schneider, Assistant Director
IATA Carbon Offset Programme 

For information about how your company can develop a robust, cost effective and engaging customer offset programme, contact us on +44(0)1865 591000

New Partnership with Virgin Atlantic

Today we are also delighted to announce a new partnership with Virgin Atlantic, helping their customers offset carbon emissions from their flights through clean cooking projects that will both cut carbon and improve lives. Read more in this Press Release here.

Bulb choose ClimateCare to deliver 100% Green Gas

We are delighted that Bulb, the fastest growing energy company in the UK, has announced a new partnership with ClimateCare. Bulb already provides 10% Green Gas, but from today it will offset the remaining 90% with ClimateCare to make the product 100% carbon neutral. 

This forward thinking organisation – a fellow B Corp – is changing the face of the energy sector and helping to make green energy mainstream. We are delighted to be working with them, helping them act today and achieve climate neutrality in a way that also improves people’s lives.

Following the Paris Agreement, we have seen growing resolve from organisations of all sizes to take full responsibility for their emissions, and they choose to partner with ClimateCare for our track record of delivering large scale effective and robust programmes that turn their climate responsibilities into positive outcomes for people, the planet and their business.

To date we have cut 33 million tonnes of CO2 and improved life for 34 million people, but there is still much more to do. Our vision is a climate neutral world, where everyone takes full responsibility for their carbon footprint. Each new client, of whatever size, is another step towards this ambitious goal. If you’re not yet climate neutral, do get in touch to find out how we can make a programme work for your business.

Call the ClimateCare team on +44 (0)1865 591000

Read the full press release below:

Bulb now saving more than 1% of the entire UK’s carbon emissions

Bulb, the fastest growing energy company in the UK, today announces a new partnership with ClimateCare to provide 100% carbon neutral gas. The community of Bulb members are now saving 3.8 million tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere every year – a figure equivalent to more than 1% of the UK’s total CO2 emissions.

Since the company was founded, 10% of its gas has come from renewable sources and this is not changing. From today, the company will offset the rest of their gas so their offering is 100% carbon neutral. Bulb has partnered with fellow B Corp ClimateCare to fund carbon reduction across the world. This will include carbon reduction projects such as solar and wind farms in Asia and rainforest protection in Africa.

Hayden Wood, Bulb co-founder and CEO said: “We’re on a mission to help people lower their bills and cut carbon emissions. Today, we’re proud to take more positive action to lower emissions.

“We supply 10% green gas to all our members and now we’re offsetting the remaining 90% by supporting carbon reduction projects across the world. Importantly, this change comes at no extra cost to our members.

“We supply more than one million people with affordable, renewable energy and we hope this step encourages many more to make the switch.”

Edward Hanrahan, ClimateCare CEO said: “Saving more than 1% of the entire UK’s annual carbon emissions is a huge achievement. This programme really demonstrates how organisations can tackle climate change in a way that also makes good business sense – that is true sustainable business. We are delighted to be working with such a progressive and forward-thinking energy provider to help them and their members act today – achieving climate neutrality in a way that also improves people’s lives.”

Jonathon Porritt, Founder, Forum for the Future said: “It’s great to see green energy products becoming mainstream. As production of renewable biogas grows, the partnership between Bulb and ClimateCare is an excellent example of how business can take full responsibility for the emissions it generates, whilst having a material and beneficial impact for both people and the environment.”

Chris Turner, Executive Director, B Lab UK said: “It is fantastic to see two of the UK’s leading B Corps coming together to make such a significant impact. Not only are they working together to deliver a dramatic reduction in carbon emissions, but importantly they are doing so in a way that makes business sense. This is the true power of the B Corp movement – demonstrating how sustainable business can become mainstream and be good for the planet as well as the bottom line ”

Bulb will support rainforest protection projects which work together with local communities to conserve forests by stopping practices like logging, conversion to agriculture or mining. Keeping the rainforest standing means tonnes of carbon are kept in the trees, rather than released into the atmosphere.

Bulb will also support clean cookstove projects. Providing families with cleaner, more efficient stoves reduces fuel consumption, saves carbon emissions and can halve fuel bills for families. Clean cookstoves also cut indoor air pollution – a primary cause of respiratory disease, and a hidden killer.

A Better Balance: for women and climate

Today is International Women’s Day and the theme is #BalanceforBetter. Across the globe organisations and individuals are calling for gender equality: at ClimateCare we know this also has a critical role to play in addressing climate change and creating a more sustainable world.

Our Climate+Care approach

At ClimateCare we develop and support community-based projects which empower women in some of the world’s most vulnerable communities. Supporting women, by improving access to education and financial resources and promoting their involvement in decision-making, is crucial to ensuring climate action is successful, sustainable, and scalable.

Read about two of our projects where women are playing a key role in delivering positive social and environmental outcomes:

BURN Stoves, Kenya

This clean cooking project provides skilled employment to over 200 local people – 60% of whom are women – including in the solar-powered factory where the stoves are made. To support women’s participation in the traditionally male-dominated manufacturing industry Burn have set up targeted initiatives, such as the ‘Women in Engineering’ internship, a women’s leadership programme, and a system of informal mentoring.

The Burn project is also changing lives in the home. By replacing smoky, inefficient stoves and open fires with a market-leading, highly-efficient cookstove, the project reduces the harmful health impacts of indoor air pollution, frees up income and time that would otherwise be spent on fuel and longer cooking times, and combats climate change.

My family is in awe of how I can assemble on my own all the parts that make a BURN jikokoa stove. To them, machinery work is a man’s job. But look at me now: I have gone up the ranks at BURN and today I lead a whole team in ensuring that we make Kenya’s #1 jikos.

Hildah Wanjiru

Gola Rainforest Conservation, Sierra Leone

The Gola Rainforest project is working with communities to incentivise forest-friendly farming of cocoa beans – the main local commercial crop. This is improving local livelihoods whilst protecting the rainforest in this biodiversity hotspot. One key to success is a new gender-inclusive farmer organisation with 1,800 members. This allows local cocoa producers to process and market their own cocoa beans – including directly to the international consumer market through the RSPB’s Gola Rainforest chocolate bar.

This new organisation ensures that women’s participation is integrated throughout the supply chain, empowering women within their communities. The project also delivers leadership development training for women; providing them with the knowledge, confidence and skills to participate in community-based decision making.

Before Gola, we were always in the kitchen cooking. When Gola came we had training on how to manage the cocoa and there was no segregation, so we were trained in the scaling system. Now we go together with our husbands to the buying office – we watch the scale and know the outcome. We amicably sit down and plan the utilisation; some of this money will be used for housekeeping, some for our children. We are really happy and we embrace the work of Gola.

Menuata Korome

Another wake-up call: will we sleep through the alarm?

ClimateCare’s Edward Hanrahan discusses the implications of a new report from from the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), a UK think tank, which warns of environmental breakdown.

Another week, another wake up call… I don’t know how many of them we need or if we have learnt to sleep through the alarm…

This one was different; it’s not about the Climate Crisis, or the air pollution crisis. It’s not about Insect-aggedon, industrial fishing or broader extinction issues. No; this report, launched by IPPR and titled with the clear message ‘This Is A Crisis’, highlights the very real nature of all of these individual crises and how they are all interwoven and inter-related with one common factor – anthropogenic activity – at their core.

Drawing on a wealth of scientific research, the report warns that human activity is driving us into an ‘age of environmental breakdown’. Human impacts are going way beyond climate change, reaching across natural systems to drive complex, pervasive and unrecoverable environmental damage. The cumulative pace of this disruption is unprecedented, and the outcomes could be catastrophic – and will be, if we continue our current trajectory.

Read the full report form the Institute for Public Policy Research here.

We should all recognise these alarm bells – from successive IPCC reports, the WWF living planet report, and so many others – but continually hitting the snooze button means we are running out of time to respond.

To quote the UN secretary general: “If we do not change course by 2020, we risk missing the point where we can avoid runaway climate change, with disastrous consequences.”

The scale of the environmental crisis demands transformational change. We need to fundamentally alter the way we produce, package and consume essential goods. We need to tackle unsustainable business models by pricing in their consumption of environmental public goods (including carbon, biodiversity, and fresh water), and we need a wholesale shift in how we value and protect our environmental and social capital.

Working towards this deep, systemic change is critical, but requires time, and leadership – political, corporate, educational – that we currently don’t appear to have. The time for waiting has gone; we all need to show that leadership now, examine our business models, and take action.
As the IPPR report highlights, we cannot afford to wait.

ClimateCare are already helping hundreds of forward-thinking businesses to take action today, turning their climate responsibilities into positive impacts for people and the environment.

We do not separate climate action from action on biodiversity and nature loss. Part of our role is to understand and communicate that the ‘crisis’ footing IPPR describes goes beyond climate, beyond carbon, and is as much about biodiversity and impacts on nature and people as it is about limiting the level of warming we face – in fact, they are one and the same.

We encourage our Partners to take responsibility for the impacts of their activities and to turn those into Positive Outcomes – for climate, water, biodiversity and people. Working with ClimateCare means supporting Climate+Care projects which cut carbon emissions and improve lives for some of the world’s most vulnerable populations, and which support wildlife and natural ecosystems – such as through forestry creation and preservation. We are excited to also be developing more opportunities to take action in the UK, from rewilding to peatland restoration and new woodland creation.

This is our wake-up call. Your organisation should be climate neutral now. Talk to us about turning your climate impact into positive outcomes for people, the environment, and your business.

Edward Hanrahan: Edward has managed ClimateCare’s development since 2007 and works closely with our in-country teams to structure finance and strategic partnerships for our global sustainable development projects. He advises banks, international development finance institutions and governments to help enable sustainable development at scale.


The private sector is stepping up to take action on climate change

This week a report by CDP, formerly known as the Carbon Disclosure Project, names those businesses taking the lead on climate change around the world.

CDP has scored more than 7000 companies from A to D-, depending on the awareness, response and leadership shown on climate change by each company.

More than 120 companies scored the top ‘A’ grade, demonstrating a clear awareness of the risks and opportunities that climate change presents to their business, and a leadership role in responding to this challenge.

Strikingly, the reports illustrate that many of the world’s largest firms are increasingly aware of the risk that climate change poses to their business models. Bloomberg report that of 25 company reports they reviewed, 21 identified “inherent climate-related risks” with potentially substantial financial or strategic impacts.

Some of these risks have fundamental consequences for how large corporates operate: Communications firm A&T Inc. are preparing for the cost of infrastructural damage to rise as extreme events like wildfires become more frequent and severe. The Coca Cola Co. are concerned that water shortages will threaten their bottling operations, and Walt Disney worry that as temperatures rise, holiday-makers will avoid sweltering theme parks.

Across the private sector, companies are also increasingly recognising the need to take action to minimise their own climate impact. High profile initiatives, such as the Task Force on Climate Related Financial Disclosure and the RE100 renewable energy coalition, show that the private sector recognises both the responsibility to act on their emissions, and the reputational and business opportunities that this brings.

At ClimateCare, we are at the forefront of helping businesses deliver real ambition and climate leadership through climate neutral programmes; building on existing efforts to reduce carbon footprints by offsetting residual emissions.

Our carbon offset programmes have already delivered 33m tonnes of CO2 reductions, improved the lives of 34 million people and achieved $21.6bn of social and environmental outcomes. ClimateCare specialise in high impact and cost-effective ways to allow you to take full responsibility for your impact, and to support projects which deliver measured outcomes on sustainability and quality of life around the world.

Talk to our team to turn your climate responsibilities into positive outcomes.


As the Gola Rainforest project receives the Environmental Care Award 2018 from Shout Climate Change Africa, we are delighted to share new photographic evidence about how the project is providing a home to endangered wildlife from the African River Hog and Chimpanzees – to the elusive Pygmy Hippo.


Francis Massaquoi (Head of Gola) receives the 2018 Environmental Care Award from the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry.


Rare wildlife photographs from the Gola Rainforest Project


Camera traps, or remotely activated cameras, are used the world over for monitoring wildlife because they are a non-invasive and cost-effective method of collecting continuous sampling data. Camera traps are particularly useful in a forest environment where animals tend to be secretive in nature and the sheer density of vegetation makes it difficult to see anything further than a few metres away.

One of the camera traps deployed in Gola Rainforest

The Gola team have been using camera traps for a number of years, the results are combined with other data (such as nest surveys and community questionnaires) to help build a map of where different species are found within the forest. This allows us to target conservation activities in the right places.

Here is a summary of some of the key uses and findings from the Gola Forest camera trap work.


Threatened primates


Gola is home to a number of primate species that are of conservation concern. The population of western chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes ssp. verus), found only in West Africa, has declined significantly over the past 50 years. This decline in population led to the western chimpanzee being re-classified in 2016, it is now considered to be critically endangered in accordance with the IUCN Red List.

Like other threatened primate species found in Gola, for example the western red colobus (Piliocolobus badius), Diana monkey (Cercopithecus diana) and sooty mangabey (Cercocebus atys), chimpanzees are at high risk from poaching and habitat fragmentation, and often utilise areas of habitat both inside and outside of protected areas.

Our camera trapping data can help to identify key areas where these primates are found outside of the protection of the National Park, where different conservation approaches are needed which rely on community engagement. Photos are also useful for gathering information about primate group compositions and behaviours which can be particularly difficult to determine in the thick forest habitat.

One of our most significant findings has been that while most populations of these threatened primates are declining in the region, populations in Gola appear to be stable or increasing. These results are being shared and it is hoped that lessons learnt in Gola can help improve the prospects for primates across West Africa.


Some of the primates of conservation concern caught on camera in the Gola forest. Top row: western chimpanzee. Bottom left: sooty mangabey. Bottom right: Diana monkey


Endemic species


Many of the species that occur in the Gola Rainforest are found only in the Upper Guinea Forest Belt and therefore the conservation of their habitat is critical. With significant deforestation having occurred across Sierra Leone, in many cases the country’s entire population of these forest dependent species may now be restricted to the Gola Rainforest National Park. As such it is important to monitor the population and distribution of these species across the Park in order to spot any changes early on. Having camera traps distributed evenly across the forest is an effective way to monitor changes in species like antelope and ground-dwelling birds.


Left: Jentick’s duiker – thought to be the rarest duiker in West Africa, and endemic to the Upper Guinea Forest Belt. Middle: Zebra duiker – once widespread throughout Sierra Leone, it is believed they are now restricted to the Gola Rainforest. Right: White-breasted guineafowl – endemic to the Upper Guinea Forest, and in Sierra Leone they are only found in the Gola Rainforest.


Hard to see animals


Camera traps are particularly useful for collecting data on species that are otherwise rarely observed. This may because they are shy and well camouflaged, like the bongo (Tragelaphus eurycerus), or because they are mostly active at night, like the honey badger (Mellivora capensis) and marsh mongoose (Atilax paludinosus).


Left: Bongo – notoriously shy and reclusive, this photo shows just how well camouflaged and difficult it is to spot them in their natural forest habitat. Middle: honey badger & Right: marsh mongoose – two of the Gola species that are primarily active at night, making first-hand observations uncommon.


Behavioural data


When observing wildlife, it can be difficult to accurately monitor natural behaviour because your physical presence can influence the activity to some degree. Camera traps make observations in an unobtrusive way, allowing us to collect data on a wide variety of natural behaviours such as feeding habits and social interactions. One example of where this kind of data is used is for understanding the potential risks associated with human-wildlife conflict, for example where species are believed to be crop-raiding.


Left: Red river hog – often blamed for crop-raiding, camera trap data can provide information on their foraging behaviour. Right: Caught in the act! Young chimpanzee with a cocoa pod in its mouth.


Over the coming year


Thanks to a generous donation from Zoo Basel we have been able to purchase some additional camera traps which are currently on route out to Sierra Leone. These will be used as part of our pygmy hippo surveying work, which is aiming to gain better insight into these elusive animals, about which we know very little.


Left: new camera traps donated by Zoo Basel being packed up ready to leave for Sierra Leone. Right: some of the few clear photos we have of the elusive pygmy hippos in Gola forest.


About the Gola Rainforest Project


The Gola Rainforest National Park in south-east Sierra Leone is one of the world’s most important biodiversity hotspots. The Gola REDD project is working with local communities and other key stakeholders to manage the park’s forests sustainably through a focus on land use planning, agroforestry, education, health and sustainable agriculture.


Work with ClimateCare to help keep the Gola Rainforest Standing


Talk to the ClimateCare team about offsetting your emissions through this project and help keep the Gola Rainforest standing – supporting its wildlife, our climate and the communities which rely on it.

This blog was written by ClimateCare project partners the RSPB – part of Gola Rainforest Conservation LG (an equal partnership between the Government of Sierra Leone, the Conservation Society of Sierra Leone, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and the Gola Communities). 



Our Current Vacancies

We are currently recruiting for the following roles:

  • Portfolio Manager
  • Marketing Director
  • Marketing Executive

Please scroll down below to find out more about these roles and apply.




SALARY:  Competitive – dependent on experience

HOURS:  Full time

Title:   Portfolio Manager / Junior Portfolio Manager, depending on candidate’s experience

Executive Summary:

  • Your opportunity to join an award-winning company committed to delivering positive impacts for people and the environment
  • A pivotal and highly visible role interacting with various internal and external stakeholders to assist the fulfilment of sustainability strategies
  • A rare chance to be at the heart of climate finance and help the transition towards a low-carbon economy
  • Well-suited to a commercially-focused, numerate professional with a personal interest in sustainable development

About Us

The highest-ranked certified B Corporation in the UK, ClimateCare works with public and private sector partners to deliver world leading climate, environment and development programmes.

Our experts design integrated programmes and implement them, selecting and devising the best projects to tackle poverty, improve health, protect the environment and deliver value for the organisations involved. We have a unique combination of project development and financial expertise, a focus on robust, measurable results and a 20-year track record of successful projects

This unique Climate+Care approach is a cost-effective way for corporates to take full responsibility for their climate and social impacts and for the public sector to deliver more efficiency for its spend.

As the market leader for over 20 years, by unlocking new sources of finance and leveraging mainstream funding, we deliver some of the largest and most successful sustainability initiatives in the world.

Our work has an immediate and measurable impact for people and the environment: to date we have cut over 21 million tonnes of CO2 and improved life for over 16.5 million people.

Find out more at


Carbon Portfolio Management

A core part of many successful companies’ sustainability strategy continues to be the reduction of carbon emissions in-house as well as voluntary investment into carbon reducing projects and to renewable energy to compensate for their emissions. ClimateCare manages this process, helping businesses contribute to a wide array of low carbon projects around the world.

Our clients have diverse and specific preferences for the low carbon projects in which they invest or support, typically requiring a portfolio of several projects. In order to ensure ClimateCare can always deliver against the required carbon and environmental / development outcomes of our clients’ programmes, the Portfolio team must always have access to new projects and programmes.

The team works with our extensive network of project partners and suppliers to fulfil these portfolio elements via the purchase of carbon credits, renewable energy certificates, and other relevant environmental instruments. We also work with other market intermediaries to sell our exclusive partner projects to the wholesale market.

We are a small team but pivotal to the fulfilment of the carbon side of the business, sitting in between the projects and carbon supply market and business clients.


A rare opportunity has arisen for an outstanding individual in ClimateCare’s Portfolio Team.

Commercially minded yet analytical, the Portfolio Manager will have the responsibility to construct and tailor bespoke voluntary carbon portfolios for new and existing clients, develop wholesale business engaging with clients directly, and participate in buying activities end to end from price negotiation through to delivery. The role will require development of a broad understanding of the (voluntary) carbon market, active and focused engagement with our supplier and wholesale network, and application of the knowledge gained to ensure ClimateCare can always provide the best portfolios, projects and credits to our clients and prospects in the short and longer term. The right individual will be hard working, think laterally and proactively to capitalise on opportunities, and always be looking ahead as the market continues to evolve.

This is a full-time, permanent position, reporting to the Head of Voluntary Portfolio Management.

Position title will be dependent on candidate’s experience.

Key responsibilities

Create portfolios for prospects and existing clients

  • Accountability for production of all carbon or other environmental project or portfolio proposals to deadlines, following briefs or specifications and working with the Business Development & Client Services teams to agree the most effective sourcing strategy
  • Price proposals for all client options and portfolios weighing up specific client portfolio and financial requirements with supplier and supply conditions, market trends, and the benefit to ClimateCare
  • Source project credits from existing ClimateCare partnerships and the wider market
  • Obtain, maintain and manage the flow of all project information required by the wider teams

Generate wholesale transactions

  • Implement the team’s proactive wholesale strategy and maintain good relationships with wholesale market buyers to meet business targets
  • Respond to wholesale pricing requests and oversee fulfilment of sales
  • Identify and pursue new wholesale opportunities, structuring deals appropriately

Control the supply of carbon project credits

  • Build and maintain good relationships with key existing and new suppliers / project developers, holding periodic update meetings where required
  • Seek new partnership or transactional opportunities to secure a constant supply of a range of diverse, compelling & competitive project credits
  • Understand the supply side market and share information effectively to assist in generating competitive pricing, and in longer term planning

Trade, transact and manage project credits

  • Negotiate with suppliers to generate the best structure and most advantageous pricing
  • Take responsibility for the fulfilment of single project and portfolio transactions from contracting and trade documentation with the counterparties to delivery/retirement of credits
  • Maintain the internal trade booking system and ClimateCare’s external carbon registry accounts with the wider team

About you:


  • Commercial or business background
  • Track record of prioritising a high workload, with deliverables to different internal teams
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills with capacity to work well in a team environment
  • Good organisational skills and attention to detail
  • Highly numerate with good working excel skills


  • An understanding and some familiarity with carbon markets and their role in tackling climate change, though in-depth projects knowledge is not needed
  • Strong negotiation skills
  • Ability to generate and maintain excellent and productive external relationships

To Apply

Share our passion and think you’re the perfect addition to our team? Send us your CV and a one-page covering letter explaining why you want to join us and why you’re the perfect fit for this role to We look forward to hearing from you.



Location: Oxford, UK

Type: Full-time, permanent

Salary: Competitive

Reporting to: CEO


Use your communication skills to tackle climate change and make a real difference for people and the environment.

ClimateCare is a market leading Social Enterprise operating in the climate and sustainable development space. A Profit for Purpose business, we help organisations turn their climate responsibilities into positive impacts by supporting projects that cut carbon and improve people’s lives.

Ranked the number one B Corp in the UK in 2018, we are looking for a talented and ambitious communications professional to join our team.

Reporting to the CEO, you will be responsible for shaping and delivering ClimateCare’s communications strategy as we reach an exciting point in the organisation’s growth.


You will:


  • Develop and manage our brand presence, ensuring the ClimateCare brand is front of mind with our target audiences and stakeholders
  • Execute effective and innovative marketing and PR campaigns that drive business development and raise our profile, effectively communicating who we are and what we stand for. Through effective management and the provision of content, guidance, templates and support you will ensure the ClimateCare brand is represented consistently and in a way that is aligned with our core purpose and values at all times.
  • Support our customers, helping them effectively and clearly communicate their work with us,
  • Manage and develop a marketing manager and marketing executive and bring in expert agencies to support delivery when required.

Main purpose of the job


The main purpose of the Marketing Team is to create a sense of urgency and drive key audiences to take action on climate and development issues, positioning ClimateCare as the ‘go to’ organisation for large business and governments to take responsibility for their climate and social impacts.


To achieve this, communications need to:


  • Be inspiring, timely and relevant to the audience
  • Demonstrate the team’s expertise and thought leadership in the fields of climate and sustainable development and show why ClimateCare’s offering is relevant to potential clients.
  • Contain clear calls to action
  • Maintain and enhance ClimateCare’s brand awareness & reputation
  • Add value for our clients and partners, using their stories to inspire others and creating positive brand equity for both organisations.

Deliver effective marketing campaigns


Working with the wider team you will oversee the generation of new leads and the delivery of sales promotion campaigns to support business development across our Oxford, Nairobi and India offices. You’ll ensure effective allocation of spend, robust evaluation and regular feedback between sales and marketing teams to create continuous improvement. You will also input into proposals and pitches as required.


Provide support for our clients


Working with our account managers you will identify communications activity that delivers measurable value for our clients and for ClimateCare. In addition to providing communications advice to clients, you will create, deliver and measure the impact of communications around their ClimateCare programmes.


Key functions


  • Own and deliver the corporate communications plan. Ensure effective use of marketing spend to meet objectives, together with regular measurement, evaluation and reporting of activity.
  • Manage the ClimateCare brand and provide templates and design support to ensure all outbound materials are of a consistent high quality.
  • Manage, maintain and optimise the ClimateCare website, working with the wider teams to ensure it accurately represents our brand and delivers inbound leads.
  • Manage our social media presence in support of business development objectives.
  • Manage our presence at events – and secure awards and speaking opportunities to increase our profile.
  • Manage external content strategy, ensuring relevant and timely content for PR, social media and digital channels.
  • Lead the development and implementation of innovative and effective campaigns which deliver positive results, in support of sales objectives and priorities.
  • Support our business development teams with content development, copywriting and design, to ensure they have the materials available to develop leads and close sales.
  • Provide relevant marketing and PR support for our clients, helping them communicate their work with ClimateCare and securing endorsement and positive profile through articles, awards, speaking slots and case studies.
  • Recruit, manage and develop the Marketing Manager and Marketing Executive. Brief and managing external freelancers / agencies when required.

About you


You will be passionate about tackling climate change and keen to make your mark in this sector. You are a self-starter, someone who likes to set strategy and work ‘hands on’ to deliver it. You will already have extensive experience managing successful corporate or third sector  communications in a related topic area and delivering integrated B2B communications campaigns in the Climate Change, Corporate Sustainability, Environment or Sustainable Development space. You inherently understand the concepts surrounding these issues and will be able to understand and simplify complex concepts to communicate them effectively to audiences, You will proactively seek out opportunities to promote the work of ClimateCare in a very ‘noisy’ environment.


You will have:


  • A minimum of 5 years’ marketing communications experience, at least some of which is in a relevant sector.
  • Experience of setting SMART objectives for your team and for team members and ensuring high standards of team performance.
  • Experience of owning / working across the communications function for an organisation and managing all aspects of the marketing mix to meet objectives.
  • Proven ability to write engaging, concise, relevant copy delivering cut through for different audiences. You must have an excellent grasp of English, ability to understand complex concepts, attention to detail and a strong ability to write, review and proof copy.
  • Hands on experience supporting sales teams with lead generation and provision of sales materials in a complex B2B environment
  • Experience of campaign tracking, measurement and evaluation (ideally through Salesforce).
  • Knowledge of website analytics tools and experience of updating, managing and optimising a WordPress website.
  • Experience of developing and publishing content across multiple digital and social media channels.
  • Experience of writing and placing articles in the media and handling press enquiries.
  • A relevant degree and/or professional qualification

You will:


  • Be a self-starter, who takes full responsibility for their deliverables with very strong organisational and interpersonal skills, self-belief, attention to detail, and ability to work under pressure whilst handling multiple work streams.
  • Be passionate about tackling Climate Change, and highly motivated by the role ClimateCare plays in this and the work it does and have a desire to make a difference.
  • Have a strong sense of humour; enjoy working within a small team, but with absolute responsibility for your deliverables.
  • Be keen to share your expertise and upskill the wider team.
  • Ambitious to learn and develop your own experience and skill set – in marketing and in the sector.
  • Be a real team player and work in partnership with internal and external stakeholders.

To Apply


If this sounds like the role for you, please send your CV to Please include a covering letter to tell us about your skills and experience and how your communications expertise would add value to ClimateCare.




Location: Oxford, UK

Type: Full-time, permanent

Salary: Competitive

Reporting to: Marketing Manager


A unique opportunity to develop your marketing skills with the UK’s number one ranked B Corp

ClimateCare is an established, market leading Social Enterprise in the climate and sustainable development market. A Profit for Purpose business, we help organisations turn their climate responsibilities into positive impacts by supporting projects that cut carbon and improve people’s lives.

Ranked the number one B Corp in the UK in 2018, we are looking for a self-motivated graduate with a passion for tackling climate change and driving sustainable development, to join our busy team.

Reporting to the Marketing Manager, this is a unique opportunity for a marketing/sustainability graduate, or a marketing assistant, to grow their communications skills and make a lasting contribution to sustainable development. The role covers the full marketing mix, giving you the opportunity to develop as a confident all-round marketeer.


Main purpose of the job


The main purpose of the Marketing Team is to create a sense of urgency and drive key audiences to act on climate and development issues, positioning ClimateCare as the ‘go to’ organisation for large business and governments to take responsibility for their climate and social impacts.

To achieve this, communications need to:

  • Be inspiring, timely and relevant to the audience
  • Demonstrate the team’s expertise and thought leadership in the fields of climate and sustainable development and show why ClimateCare’s offering is relevant to potential clients
  • Contain clear calls to action and be measurable
  • Maintain and enhance ClimateCare’s brand awareness & reputation
  • Add value for our clients and partners, using their stories to inspire others and creating positive brand equity for both organisations.


Key functions of the role


With support and guidance from the Marketing Manager you will:

  • Carry out market and competitor research
  • Create and execute effective lead generation campaigns
  • Research and draft copy for newsletters, sales materials, campaigns, case studies and media articles
  • Design / use templates to create high quality sales and marketing materials with our brand guidelines. You will also help upskill the wider team to ensure a consistent quality of materials across the organisation
  • Support the marketing manager to maintain and optimise the ClimateCare website, including updating content, SEO, PPC. You will also prepare and act on google analytics reports to drive inbound leads.
  • Support the marketing manager to maintain brand awareness through events, PR, social media, awards and other activity in support of brand and business development objectives.
  • Log all media coverage and marketing activity. Contribute to reporting, analysis and evaluation.


About you


You will have a relevant degree in either communications or sustainability and be able to demonstrate your interest in both these areas through your university career, work experience and other interests.

Ideally you will have some experience of supporting the communications function in the Corporate Sustainability, Environment, Sustainable Development space, but this is not essential.

You will have a strong desire to develop your skills and knowledge across all aspects of the marketing mix and to share this knowledge, helping to upskill the wider team. You will be able to demonstrate:

  • Ability to write concise, relevant and engaging copy
  • Thoroughness, accuracy and eye for detail
  • An eye for design and ability to create high quality, consistent visual materials
  • Perseverance and a drive to see things through to completion
  • Self-motivation and a desire to develop and grow your skills and knowledge

For the right candidate there is the opportunity to get involved in developing high profile campaigns for clients as well as ClimateCare itself – making this an ideal grounding for graduates looking to work in sustainability communications in house, or for an agency. There is also opportunity to develop and grow within ClimateCare, with previous marketing executives now holding other roles within the business.

ClimateCare is a fast growth, entrepreneurial business with a highly motivated team. To make the most of this role you need to be prepared to work hard and take responsibility for delivery, as well as keen to learn from the wider team.


To Apply


Please send a copy of your CV together with an email to  that sets out your:

  • Knowledge of, and interest in sustainability and the work that ClimateCare does
  • Experience and knowledge of marketing and communications, in particular:
  • Evidence of your copywriting ability
  • Examples of any design work you have done and detail of any design software you have experience using
  • Explanation of why you would like to work for ClimateCare in this communications role. What you can bring to the role – and what you hope to achieve.

to We look forward to hearing from you.



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New guidance: How to structure a climate strategy

This new guidance from the Gold Standard, CDP and WWF, sets out four key pillars for companies to set an effective climate strategy:

  • MEASURE + DISCLOSE climate impact and risks
  • REDUCE climate impact and risk in line with science
  • FINANCE the global transition to a zero-carbon resilient economy
  • ADVOCATE for strong policy frameworks

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