We’re delighted that ClimateCare has once again been voted Best Project Developer Public Health by Environmental Finance.

This award was created to acknowledge a growing interest in the climate and development projects that we specialise in. At the time, Environmental Finance editor Mark Nicholls, said: “Our decision to create a ‘Public Health’ category in project development is in response to growing demand from offset buyers for projects that deliver measurable outcomes beyond emissions reductions.

“These projects, and the developers such as ClimateCare who have pioneered them, show how carbon market techniques – such as quantification, measurement, and cost-effective project development – can be applied to improving health in some of the poorest parts of the world.”

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ClimateCare wrote the methodology that made it possible to fund the distribution of more efficient cookstoves to communities through carbon finance, and pioneered some of the first projects.

Read more about our projects and how they deliver for people and the environment.

This research from The Gold Standard Foundation highlights the value of health benefits delivered through these climate and development projects.