Biogas in rural China

Standard: GS      Technology: Biodigesters      Location: China

In Hunan Province, China, many people keep pigs, with families in Anhua County owning an average of five per household. The methane gas emitted from rotting manure contributes directly to global warming. This project has transformed the way people in three towns manage pig manure by enabling them to replace conventional manure pits with 4,000 biogas digesters. The digesters capture the methane gas, channelling it to household stoves and water heaters while preventing it from being released into the atmosphere. Using biogas for cooking also reduces the need to purchase and collect coal, saving people both money and time, and lowering the incidence of respiratory illnesses.

Delivering against the Global Goals

Families no longer have to collect and purchase coal, which allows them to direct more money to children’s health and education.

Lowering the exposure of women and children to the smoky fumes associated with coal-burning cookers reduces the incidence of respiratory illnesses.

60 specialised technicians were employed to build and maintain the 4,000 biogas tanks.

Installing digesters eliminates the methane gas emissions produced by conventional manure systems. The project will reduce an estimated 90,000 tonnes of CO2 by 2020.