Biogas in Xuyong, China

Standard: GS      Technology: Biodigesters      Location: China

This project is set to help one million underprivileged rural households in China’s Sichuan province by installing and maintaining efficient biogas digesters on their farms. The digesters provide a cleaner, more efficient alternative to manure storage pits, capturing the methane produced by rotting manure and converting it into clean biogas for cooking, heating and lighting. Farmers purchase the digesters by claiming reimbursement payments from emission reductions revenues. By preventing methane emissions and replacing household fuels such as coal and wood with biogas, the project saves 2m tonnes of CO2 emissions annually. Families also benefit from improved indoor air quality, and spend less time and money obtaining fuels.

Delivering against the Global Goals

Families spend less money on household fuels, enabling them to direct more of their household budget to food, health and education.

Biogas is a smoke-free fuel, and therefore significantly reduces the concentration of harmful pollutants in the household, lowering the risk of respiratory diseases. It also provides a clean way of treating animal manure, helping to prevent zoonotic diseases and infections.

Women and children spend less time collecting firewood and travelling to purchase fuel.

By 2024, the project will have saved approximately 20m tonnes of CO2.