The Business Case for Carbon Offsetting

Companies throughout the world, including Microsoft, Jaguar Land Rover and Marks and Spencer have adopted carbon-offset approaches to enable them to go beyond the reduction targets they could achieve through internal change.

Why do businesses offset carbon emissions? How do they make the business case? What challenges do they face and what value do their companies derive?

Find out in this suite of videos. Nine business leaders, including Aviva, Sky and Fuji Xerox speak out about their carbon offset programmes.

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Nine business leaders speak out about their carbon offset programmes in this summary video



Christiana Figueres (UNFCCC) sets out the environmental and economic drivers for business to offset carbon emissions.




Aviva’s offset programme is a cost effective way to reduce emissions and deliver social impacts.




Sky’s offset programme helps it engage staff with environmental issues.



The Edge

The Edge Picture Company found that an offset programme helped them win new business.



Fuji Xerox

Fuji Xerox used offsetting to strengthen its proposition and win more business.



Le Macioche

Le Macioche found its offset programme helped it engage customers




Raptim Humanitarian Travel explains how offsetting engages staff and gives the business a great sense of pride.




The Dow Chemical Company used its offset programme with the Olympics to engage and excite stakeholders.



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