The Co-op recognised the need to act on climate change long before most businesses. The organisation has set ambitious long term GHG reduction targets, and consistently met them.

We identified an opportunity for the Co-op to bring together its actions to offset carbon emissions with support for its supply chain producers above and beyond the Fairtrade premium it pays.

We designed a bespoke project to measurably improve lives, tackle climate change and support a tea co-operative with its Fairtrade supply chain, delivering on the company’s environmental and social objectives.

About the client

The Co-operative Group is one of the world’s largest consumer co-operatives, owned by millions of members and employing nearly 70,000 people. It’s the UK’s fifth biggest food retailer, number 1 funeral services provider, a major general insurer and a growing legal services business. The Co-operative is also recognised for its leading social goals and community-led programmes.

What we did

ClimateCare was ideally placed to develop integrated supply chain projects for The Co-op.

Collaborating closely with the group’s headquarters in Manchester, we worked with Fairtrade tea-producing co-operatives in Kenya to understand their community needs and find ways to solve them using carbon finance.

After a series of community consultations, ClimateCare then began work on a series of bespoke Climate and Development projects to provide safe water and cut carbon emissions within The Co-op’s Fairtrade supply chain communities.

Our impact

Our unique position as a project developer, coupled with our climate and development expertise, meant we could help The Co-op meet its sustainable development and environmental objectives.

The first bespoke supply chain project we developed is an extension of the Aqua Clara project, providing safe water to communities in Kericho – who are part of the Co-operatives Fairtrade tea supply chain. This project cut more than 6,000 tonnes of carbon and provided safe water to 14,000 people.

Over the last 12 years, we have enjoyed a positive and successful relationship with ClimateCare. The team consistently deliver projects that provide community benefits as well as carbon reductions and enhance our brand position as a leader on social responsibility.

No poverty

Good health and well-being

Clean water and sanitation

Reduced inequalities

Responsible consumption and production

Climate action