Jaguar Land Rover partnered with ClimateCare to create an inspiring climate neutral programme that motivated and engaged staff, strengthened its position as an employer of choice, and delivered on its corporate social responsibility objectives.

Alex Pearson, Jaguar Land Rover CSR ambassador

About our client

Jaguar Land Rover is the UK’s largest car manufacturer, producing more than half a million vehicles each year. It has worked with ClimateCare since 2007, investing in climate and development projects that offset manufacturing emissions while supporting smart technology that transforms lives. The company was rated the UK’s best employer by Bloomberg in 2016 and is in the top 20 of The Times Top 100 Graduate Employers.


What we did

ClimateCare designed and delivered an integrated climate neutral programme for Jaguar Land Rover, identifying opportunities to invest in projects that improve quality of life and cut carbon emissions. As well as maintaining climate neutral manufacturing, the programme gave the company’s staff a unique opportunity to get involved in delivering results.

We developed a new initiative to distribute LifeStraw water filters to schools, complementing existing support for safe water projects. These filters are gravity-fed and make water safe to drink without boiling, reducing the risk of contracting waterborne disease – Kenya’s third biggest killer. Using locally appropriate, smart technology not only achieves sustainable results at scale, but also reflects Jaguar Land Rover’s focus on innovation.

The programme engaged staff directly too. Seven employees – selected from 3,500 applicants – completed our thorough training programme before taking part in Jaguar Land Rover’s Join the Experience: Kenya 2015 project. Joining the ClimateCare team in Kenya, they worked together to make sure more school children could drink safe water. They helped install LifeStraw filters at 19 schools, trained pupils to use and maintain them and highlighted the impact unsafe water had on young people and their families.

Lives improved
Of schools report students drink more water
Of schools report improved student health

Our Impact

Jaguar Land Rover improved the lives of nearly 350,000 people by supporting the Water for Schools programme. Every single school with a LifeStraw filter reported that the children there now drink more water, with 93% saying that this helped improve their students’ health.

There have been important positive business outcomes for Jaguar Land Rover too. The company now has a network of staff ambassadors for corporate social responsibility, inspired by their time in Kenya. These employees are using creative resources and case studies developed during the experience to share what they’ve learnt and increase their colleagues’ awareness of the social benefits Jaguar Land Rover has delivered.

The experts at ClimateCare helped us devise a programme, aligned to our core business, which is transforming lives. It’s highly achievable and the focus on smart technology has parallels with our own business. We’ve seen directly what a difference we can make by focusing on issues and challenges that are of critical importance to us as a business.
Chris Harris, Maintenance Planning Engineer, Jaguar Land Rover

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