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Today is International Women’s Day. Across the world individuals and organisations are calling for gender parity, and sharing inspiring stories of women and girls who are driving change.

The Climate+Care programmes we deliver with corporate and government partners improve health, fight poverty, reduce deforestation and help to tackle climate change. To be successful they rely on inspirational women, who are improving life for their whole community.

Here are just some of the amazing women and girls we are proud to work with.


Margaret – LifeStraw District Co-ordinator

Saving lives with safe water #GirlPower #IWD2016
Saving lives with safe water #GirlPower #IWD2016

When the LifeStraw Carbon for Water project began in Western Kenya, back in 2011, no one knew about the need to filter water to make it safe to drink. Margaret worked tirelessly to raise awareness and educate families across Bunyala district in the importance of using their new LifeStraw Water Filters.

At one point, over 2000 people were marooned at a primary school for nearly 3 weeks, during one of the worst floods the area has ever experienced. Margaret worked with a team of volunteers to get LifeStraw filters out to the school, where their use avoided outbreaks of cholera and typhoid so commonly associated with these conditions. Margaret now juggles a busy family life with managing a team of 66 volunteers.



Auntie Vic – Gyapa Cookstove Retailer

Saving families millions of dollars in fuel bills #GirlPower #IWD2016
Saving families millions of dollars in fuel bills
#GirlPower #IWD2016

Auntie Vic has been selling efficient Gyapa cookstoves for over a decade. The stoves are locally manufactured and use half the fuel of traditional stoves – saving families money, reducing indoor air pollution and cutting carbon emissions.

She runs her cookstove outlet at Domie, in the north-west of Accra and receives her supplies regularly from Peter Atta, a long term manufacturer of Gyapa stoves.

Gyapa makes good business. It has high referral rates. Most people within the area who need Gyapa are directed to my stall. I used to be called the Gyapa Woman!”



Sharon – Head Girl… Future Doctor

Training to be a doctor #GirlPower #IWD2016

Sharon is Head Girl at the Exodus Academy. She was excited to be selected as a LifeStraw prefect, responsible for making sure her school’s community water filters are filled and cleaned each day.

“My favourite subjects at school are science, maths and languages. I want to become a doctor as since I was young, I’ve seen many friends and family get sick and want to be able to treat others and help them regain their health. After school, I’d like to go to university so will spend the next 8 years studying so I can achieve my dream of being a doctor.”

Outside school, Sharon loves to run and is inspired by famous Kenyan runners.



Nisso – Business woman

Growing her bakery business #GirlPower #IWD2016

No celebration is complete without cakes and cookies, but 4 years ago, in rural Tajikistan, Nisso Atobekova had to be up at midnight to start baking – the only time she could be sure the power would be on. Now thanks to the Pamir Hydro Project she has access to reliable energy 24 hours a day. As a result she’s been able to grow her baking business and now employs 6 people, with plans to expand further.

“Before we couldn’t take a lot of orders in the winter. Now we can always take orders and we always have products available.”



Winnie – Saving fuel and cutting CO2

Saving fuel and our environment #GirlPower #IWD2016
Saving fuel and our environment #GirlPower #IWD2016

Winnie Wanjiku was one of the first people to receive an improved Charcoal Cookstove through a ClimateCare Project in Kenya that is financed by UK Aid.

“I am so happy about the stove because it burns cleanly. Before I got this stove, I used to use four 20-litre containers of charcoal, but nowadays, I only use two. I use the savings from fuel to do other projects. The stove also cooks very fast.  What I would like to tell those who do not have the stove is that they should get it because it is the best.”




To find out how creating opportunities for women helps to build stronger economies, achieve development goals, and improve the quality of life for whole communities, read our blog: Why women?