Choosing A Carbon Offset Partner

Used well, carbon offsetting has huge potential to do good. As part of carbon reduction strategies, offsets have been proven to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at source, and – just as important – make a positive impact on quality of life, particularly in poor rural communities in developing countries.

You should ensure that you select a reputable partner to work with, and consider:

  • How long has the organisation been established in the carbon offset market?
  • What type and level of clients do they have and how long have they worked with this provider?
  • What type of offset credits do they have access to?
  • What type of and location of projects do they have access to?
  • Do they develop their own projects, or only source credits from other project developers?
  • How do they manage risk and what is their due diligence process?
  • Are they members of ICROA, the International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance that sets strict codes of guidance for members.
  • Can they offer the support you need in terms of advice and guidance or management, communications support?
  • Can they help you demonstrate value from offsetting by putting together a programme that meets your budget, resonates with your business and is engaging for stakeholders?


Why Offset With ClimateCare? 

ClimateCare helped form the voluntary carbon market and is the market leader in helping companies offset their emissions through projects which improve lives as well as protecting the environment.

Offsetting through our integrated Climate+Care projects means you not only fund emission reductions to address your unavoidable carbon footprint, but deliver measured outcomes which can contribute to the UN Global Goals and your other business objectives.

Integrated Climate+Care programmes are not a niche concept. ClimateCare is one of the largest retailers of voluntary carbon offsets by volume and works with partners to deliver some of the most extensive climate and development programmes in the world.

“Corporate and Government partners choose ClimateCare because of its expertise in delivering cost effective projects that drive change at scale” says Head of Partnerships, Robert Stevens. “Our integrated Climate+Care programmes are designed to tackle poverty, improve health, create jobs and protect the environment, but they also help to create viable new markets with the potential to scale around the world and deliver lasting change.”

We help our clients use carbon offsetting to deliver priority outcomes in the most cost effective way, driving funding to projects in locations of their choice – be that to key markets or within their own supply chains. Our sector leading due diligence process, helps manage risk and we ensure our clients derive business value from their investment by engaging staff, customers and stakeholders with their programme.



How does this work in practice?

Carbon management, health improvement and economic development may seem very different objectives, but our ground-breaking Climate+Care projects show how they can be brought together to create benefits all round.

One example is the pioneering LifeStraw Carbon for Water project. A world first project and winner of multiple awards, it uses carbon finance  – money paid by organisations and individuals to offset their carbon footprint – to help fund the distribution of safe water to 4 million people in Kenya. Alongside the lives saved, removing the need to boil water reduces millions of tonnes of carbon every year.

Our efficient cookstove projects tell a similar story. World Health Organisation figures show that cooking on traditional open fires his a hidden killer – responsible for the death of 4 million people a year – more than die from Malaria, Tuberculosis and HIV combined. Through ClimateCare, organisations have helped distribute 750,000 efficient cookstoves, which use significantly less fuel and improve indoor air quality. The results are better health for the cooks and their families, new jobs manufacturing and distributing stoves, reduced pressure on local forests and, of course, huge reductions in carbon emissions.


“If you’re going to invest in offsetting carbon emissions, why wouldn’t you do it with projects that can make a measurable difference to people as well as the environment?”

Zelda Bentham,
Aviva PLC


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