ClimateCare has created climate and sustainable development programmes for hundreds of organisations, helping them take full responsibility for their residual carbon emissions through bespoke offset programmes, which also deliver positive environmental, social impact and business outcomes.

We offer a complete package of support for organisations looking to take full responsibility for their carbon emissions and work towards their corporate climate targets, whether in line with the Paris Agreement or towards a Net Zero target.

Tailored programmes

Whether you are on the journey to Net Zero, maintaining or becoming Climate Neutral, or developing Climate Neutral products and services, we will tailor a programme to meet your climate, sustainable development and business objectives.

Climate Neutral programmes play a vital role in accelerating the global transition towards Net Zero by enabling organisations to take full responsibility for their carbon emission today, while they plan and deliver longer term changes. These programmes focus on deep internal reductions and avoidance of emissions, while using verified external Emission Reductions to compensate for any residual emissions.
We also provide ongoing measurement and communications support, so you can demonstrate the positive impacts to your stakeholders.

Award winning projects

ClimateCare finances, manages and develops climate projects. Our award-winning International Carbon Project and Natural Climate Solutions teams can help you support existing carbon avoidance or removals projects or invest in new project development.

We have unrivalled access to 300+ projects across 54 countries and as project developers ourselves, we understand the project development process in pragmatic detail. Our sector leading due diligence process means you can be confident about the projects we partner with, while our risk management experts can design delivery structures to cut costs, mitigate risk and ensure your forward supply.
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Case studies

Case Study


Climate neutral programme strengthens Aviva’s responsible brand identity.
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Case Study


Climate neutral programme helps Linklaters recruit and retain staff
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