International climate and development experts, ClimateCare, and the Woodland Trust, the UK’s leading woodland conservation charity, have today announced a unique partnership that will help UK businesses create inspiring, integrated Corporate Social Responsibility programmes which include action on climate change at home and abroad.

Established for over 14 years, ClimateCare runs some of the world’s largest and most innovative climate and development programmes, helping businesses reduce carbon emissions and deliver positive health, social, economic and environmental outcomes in developing countries. The partnership with the Woodland Trust brings a unique and engaging UK element to these programmes, enabling businesses to make verified emission reductions and deliver multiple co-benefits through creating new woodland in the UK.

Through the partnership, businesses will be able to offset their carbon emissions by purchasing a new ‘Offset-PLUS’ product. The product combines offsetting through internationally certified Verified Emissions Reductions (VERs) with a contribution to the Woodland Trust, which will be used to fund UK woodland creation. The Woodland Trust projects are designed to meet the requirements of the UK Government-backed Woodland Carbon Code, providing assurance to Offset-PLUS customers that their UK contribution is funding effective action.

“ClimateCare works in partnership with clients to create a programme of activity that demonstrates their commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and engages both staff and customers with climate and development challenges” explains ClimateCare director Edward Hanrahan. “It is not possible to offset your corporate emissions through projects in the UK or Europe, but partnering with the Woodland Trust gives ClimateCare the option to include a UK element in our client’s programmes, through planting new woodland across the country.

“We believe this will be of particular interest to businesses with a UK presence that want to address their carbon footprint through robust, internationally verified offset projects and, in addition, take local environmental action by supporting measurable and monitored forestry projects in the UK. Such projects provide many additional benefits to wildlife and local communities.”

“We are delighted to partner with ClimateCare to support corporate action on climate change” said Dr Nick Atkinson, Carbon Manager at the Woodland Trust. “Combining our woodland creation programmes in the UK with ClimateCare’s climate and development projects in the developing world can create a unique and inspiring CSR programme. Together we can provide businesses with an integrated approach to tackling climate change, through both mitigation and adaptation, at home and abroad.”

Businesses that would like to find out more should speak to either ClimateCare on 01865 591000 or the Woodland Trust on 01476 581112.