The team at ClimateCare are happy to announce that we have completed a Management Buyout of the business, and ClimateCare is now operating as an independent Social Enterprise, led by the existing Management Team.

We will continue to operate, on an independent basis, as the leading Emissions Reduction project developer and carbon credit offset retailer operating in the Voluntary Carbon Market.

We will continue to develop and market our excellent and exclusive portfolio of Voluntary Carbon projects – from the first Gold Standard Clean Water project in Kenya, through treadle pump projects in India to our renowned stoves portfolio – in Uganda, Ghana and Cambodia.

J.P. Morgan and EcoSecurities also have a number of other projects in the Voluntary Carbon Market and will continue to work with ClimateCare on an exclusive basis both to implement and sell these assets in the marketplace.

Moving forward, we will continue to innovate in this space, developing VER and CDM projects that sit on the emerging nexus between private sector finance and the climate/development/aid sector and our focus will remain on sub-Saharan Africa and the LDCs.  We have a number of exciting new models that complement the aid sector by delivering private sector finance to achieve MDG and Development outcomes, profitably and at scale.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss project options, please give us a call on 01865 591 000.