Oxford, UK. Climate and sustainable development specialist ClimateCare is pleased to announce they have worked with Linklaters LLP, one of the leading global law firms, to make its global operations carbon neutral in financial year 2016-17.  ClimateCare helped Linklaters to offset its unavoidable emissions by selecting a highly charismatic project to support, which aligns well with the company’s broader corporate responsibility strategy which aims to further the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Linklaters chose to support one of ClimateCare’s flagship projects – Gyapa Efficient Cookstoves – which brings energy efficient clean cooking technology to low-income households in Ghana. This project was selected because it enables a raft of both carbon and broader sustainable development outcomes. The Gyapa stove cooks food more quickly, requires 50-60% less fuel, cutting carbon emissions and reducing exposure to hazardous indoor air pollutants, thus improving the health of the cooks, who are typically women and children.  Cutting fuel requirements saves families money and importantly, protects Ghana’s dwindling forests – a country with one of the highest deforestation rates in Africa.

“This collaboration is a great example of how we work with corporates to help them take full responsibility for their impacts, using our Climate+Care approach. The Gyapa project not only generates substantial emission reductions, but also delivers health, economic and social benefits to some of the world’s poorest families”, commented Edward Hanrahan, CEO of ClimateCare. “The specific investment Linklaters has made improves the lives of over 100 thousand people, through improving incomes and bringing significant health benefits”.

Commenting on why Linklaters took the strategic decision to go carbon neutral, Leilani Weier, Senior Manager EHS & Operations said, “In 2015, 191 governments covering 98% of global emissions agreed in Paris to keep global temperature rise below two degrees to strengthen the global response to the threat of climate change.  Without businesses supporting this global effort, alongside national governments and individuals, this crucial target won’t be achieved. This means every business, no matter what size or shape, has a part to play and Linklaters is no exception.”

Linklaters is offsetting its unavoidable emissions for the last financial year.  However, the company has also been taking steps over the last ten years to measure and reduce its operational emissions. And relative to 2010, achievements include carbon emission reductions from firm-wide electricity use of 36% and business travel by 10%. Nevertheless, operational emissions reductions are becoming harder to achieve, making offsetting the natural next step for the business.

In an earlier survey of Linklaters employees across the world, 86% of respondents said they were in favour of offsetting the firm’s unavoidable emissions.  To launch the carbon neutral strategy internally, ClimateCare attended an informal lunchtime session in the staff restaurant to demonstrate the Gyapa stove, and answer questions from over 300 staff about the project.

The Gyapa Stove Project in Ghana delivers against multiple UN Sustainable Development Goals:


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