Speaker and delegate travel offset at all edie sustainability conferences for the next 12 months

July 2017

Oxford, UK: ClimateCare and edie are pleased to announce that they have extended their partnership for another year, to offset the carbon emissions associated with speaker and delegate travel to edie’s sustainability conferences for the next 12 months.

This year’s collaboration builds on ClimateCare and edie’s five-year relationship to offset travel emissions associated with edie’s conferences. Last year, supporting ClimateCare’s Gyapa stoves project, edie improved the lives of 450 people in Ghana, through the offset of 100 tons of carbon.

ClimateCare’s Gyapa stoves project brings energy efficient, clean cooking technology to low income households in Ghana. Household adoption of these clean cookstoves reduces exposure to hazardous indoor air pollutants, a primary cause of respiratory disease, improving the health of the cooks, typically women and children.

The clean cookstoves are designed to allow food to be cooked more quickly and require 50-60% less fuel, saving families money and protecting Ghana’s forests, which have one of the highest rates of deforestation in Africa. Stoves are manufactured locally, allowing specialist skills to be developed bringing additional income to businesses within the Gyapa supply chain.

Mark Baker, director of events at edie, said “At edie we encourage sustainability leaders to come together to share innovation and discover how to do business better. For this reason, we consider it incredibly important to lead by example, ensuring our conferences are run as environmentally and socially responsible as possible. This is why we have continued to offset carbon emissions on behalf of our speakers and delegates with ClimateCare.”

Edward Hanrahan, ClimateCare CEO commented, “We are delighted to be continuing our partnership with edie again this year. edie’s sustainability conferences encourage much needed discussion around the role that business must play in tackling climate change and delivering the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Ensuring that the carbon footprint of edie’s delegate travel is balanced with investment into the Gyapa Stoves project, sends the message, adopted by sustainability leaders, that the environmental costs of business operations must be accounted for.”

The Gyapa Stove Project in Ghana delivers against multiple UN Sustainable Development Goals:














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