The Challenge

For Jaguar Land Rover, making smart use of its Global CSR Programme investment to achieve multiple business goals sits at the heart of its approach to sustainable business.

To grow its global business responsibly, Jaguar Land Rover needs to recruit and retain the best talent to help it achieve long-term success.

It was recently named the UK’s best employer in a Bloomberg survey and was is ranked 16th in the Times Top 100 Graduate Employers, based on a survey of recent graduates.

Jaguar Land Rover wanted to increase employee engagement and understanding of its Global CSR Programme, and create a network of ambassadors across the business who could inspire action and help the company continue to maintain its position as an employer of choice whilst delivering against its overall corporate CSR goals.

The Solution

ClimateCare is responsible for delivering an integrated Climate+Care programme for Jaguar Land Rover, protecting the environment and improving lives. The team set about identifying an opportunity for the company to invest in a project that would help deliver against its corporate responsibility target, to create opportunities around the world for 12 million people by 2020, and provide an effective employee engagement programme, aligned with the company’s employee recognition and retention goals.

Recognising Jaguar Land Rover’s focus on technology and innovation, ClimateCare proposed an activity that applied locally appropriate, smart technology in at-need communities, to change people’s lives.

The result was a partnership programme using smart technology to deliver Safe Water to Schools. Delivered with the experts at ClimateCare and technology manufacturers Vestergaard, the programme is bringing award-winning LifeStraw water purification technology to 375 schools across western Kenya – giving over 300,000 school-children access to safe water at school and the chance of a better education and future.

ClimateCare worked collaboratively with stakeholders across Jaguar Land Rover including HR, Employee Reward & Recognition, CSR, PR & Internal Communications teams to develop a unique employee volunteering experience as part of the project.

Together the team devised a programme to involve and inspire employees at all levels across the company, bringing CSR centre-stage in Jaguar Land Rover’s employee engagement programme “Join the Experience”, for the very first time.


The Impact

Over 3500 employees across the business applied for an opportunity to get involved with the programme. A shortlist of 25 were put through a rigorous selection process and finally seven employees from across the company were able to join “Join the Experience: Kenya 2015”.

They joined experts on the ground to launch the programme and to help install LifeStraw Community water purifiers at the first 19 schools. They trained pupils and teachers in the importance of safe water, filter maintenance, use and upkeep – helping to ensure access to safe water for the pupils at each school.

The volunteers were also tasked with recording the activity and writing case studies about different teachers and young people about how unsafe water had affected them and their families. The biggest challenge started when they returned to the UK and creatively communicated the experience and their learnings to colleagues when they returned to their day jobs.

All employees went through rigorous training with ClimateCare’s team to increase their facilitation skills ahead of the school visits and to boost their understanding of the company’s CSR programme and objectives. Upon arrival in Bungoma, after introductions to their local teams and a final training workshop, the teams set off, working from dawn until dusk to install the LifeStraw Community filters in schools across Bungoma District.

Colleagues in Internal Communications and PR were on hand to help create photo and video assets and senior Management were also engaged from the outset, with Operations Director for Sub-Saharan Africa, Nigel Clarke joining the team on the ground in Bungoma.

For Jaguar Land Rover, the week in Bungoma was just the start of a longer term engagement programme to change lives through smart technology – within and beyond the business. In just five days, the team reached 19 schools, enabling over 5000 children access to safe water for the first time at school. And overall this project means over 300,000 children will benefit from access to the smart water purification technology, directly contributing to Jaguar Land Rover’s target to create opportunities for 12 million people by 2020.

Each of the seven employees returned from a transformative experience with the drive and determination to engage their colleagues across the business with the CSR programme.

They also benefitted from new skills and confidence that is helping improving their performance and the group developed into a strong international team that continues to work together across locations and job functions.

The team are using blogs, video diaries and photography they created during their experience to support communications to their colleagues– meaning that over 6000 employees will hear first-hand how Jaguar Land Rover is using smart technology to deliver a CSR programme aligned to its own business.

Not only that, as a result of this activity, every new recruit joining the business will be trained in the company’s CSR programme, using Join the Experience: Kenya 2015 to showcase the measurable impacts the company delivers in the communities it supports and the value it places on its own employees to excel and drive the business forward.


ClimateCare’s Role

ClimateCare is responsible for creating and delivering an integrated corporate social responsibility programme for Jaguar Land Rover, which uses smart technology to protect the environment and to create new opportunities for people around the world.

The programme involves a number of projects, aligned with Jaguar Land Rover’s core business and its focus on innovation and technology.

In addition to devising the programme, ensuring successful delivery and robustly measuring impact, the ClimateCare team worked alongside Jaguar Land Rover’s HR, CSR, Internal Communications & PR teams to plan and facilitate an employee engagement programme, selecting and training employees and overseeing the employee visit experience.

Lorna Macaulay, Jaguar Land Rover’s Market Sustainability Manager, oversaw the employee engagement project. Lorna explained, “Jaguar Land Rover has been working with ClimateCare since 2009 and together we have engaged and supported communities across Africa, improving health, wellbeing and economic prosperity.

Our challenge for ClimateCare was to develop a new project using smart technology which would allow us to engage employees and increase their understanding of our global projects and the business case behind them. The Safe Water for Schools project they developed fitted the bill perfectly and was a success thanks to the support of many different departments behind the scenes and the employees who were excellent ambassadors for our business.

The LifeStraw for Schools project is the first time we’ve involved employees in project delivery and for many, this was their first time in Africa. They all got a huge level of personal satisfaction helping the children of Bungoma learn about the importance of safe water and getting to know the project staff, and teachers too. The project has brought together people from across our organisation and will deliver a lasting legacy to a whole generation of school children across Bungoma, truly creating opportunities so the pupils can have a brighter future.”