Oxford, UK.  ClimateCare is pleased to announce that it has helped partner SThree, the established STEM industries recruitment specialist, to become a Climate Neutral business for the first time.

SThree has taken their greatest environmental step forward to date, by offsetting their entire carbon footprint through the Panama Wind Project in India. The project provides essential support to India’s emerging renewable energy sector, and brings heath and infrastructure benefits to rural communities.

Marie Broad, Head of CSR at SThree commented, “We are incredibly proud to have become Climate Neutral. We worked with the ClimateCare team to select the Panama Wind project because of the positive impact it brings to the environment and local communities in India”.

Climate action has been part of SThree’s CSR strategy since 2010. During this time, in collaboration with ClimateCare, SThree have supported projects around the world that cut carbon, and deliver social impacts to support the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Edward Hanrahan, ClimateCare’s CEO stated, “We are delighted to have supported SThree to take this extra step and achieve their Climate Neutral status. At ClimateCare we are focused on robust and measurable outcomes, and always work to make the most effective use of our clients’ budget, to deliver programmes that generate substantial emission reductions, alongside health, economic and social benefits.”

The Panama Wind Project in India delivers against multiple Sustainable Development Goals:



To support the Panama Wind Project in India, one of the other projects in our global portfolio or to understand how offsetting can benefit your CSR programme contact the ClimateCare team today.