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Meet the team in India

ClimateCare has over 20 years’ experience delivering award winning sustainability programmes for Governments and Businesses around the world. Our new office in India is led by Komal Sinha, and makes it even easier for Indian based firms to access our international expertise.

Komal Sinha, Head of Partnerships, ClimateCare India

Komal is an expert in the fields of climate change, sustainability and CSR. Her valuable insights help clients design and deliver world leading CSR programmes, that also create real value for their business.

Read this interview with Komal on Business Fights Poverty


How we work with you
After an initial meeting to understand your requirements, we will design and cost a bespoke Climate+Care programme for your business, designed to cut carbon,  improve lives and deliver business value.

We work to agreed budgets and deliver robust, independently verified results.

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A Climate+Care Programme designed for Your Business

Your bespoke Climate+Care programme can quickly and cost-effectively deliver:

  • Specific social impacts such as access to clean energy, improved health or safe water – aligned with the SDGs
  • Local impact to meet your CSR obligations
  • Measurable carbon reductions to reduce your environmental footprint, or even go UN Climate Neutral
  • Internal engagement programmes for your colleagues, board members and investors
  • External communications for customers and stakeholders

Businesses who work with ClimateCare find that in addition to meeting their climate and CSR targets, they benefit from improved staff and investor engagement, better community and government relations, positive PR, enhanced customer perception and brand value.

Download this pdf to find out more and to help you explain our Climate+Care approach to your colleagues


Some examples of our work

Case Study: Jaguar Land Rover powering communities in India

Automotive company Jaguar Landrover, part of the Tata Group, worked with ClimateCare to support a Climate+Care project bringing affordable, reliable solar-powered electricity and hot water heating to communities across India.

Households save over 50% on electricity bills, while gaining access to clean, reliable power and avoiding blackouts. The project reduces 25,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually and employs 100 technicians.

Case Study: Aviva, Improving livelihoods for farmers in India

International Insurance Company Aviva worked with ClimateCare to support a multi-award winning Climate+Care project that gave small holder famers the opportunity to work their way out of poverty. At the same the project reduced carbon emissions, helping to tackle climate change.

For 98 million farming families in rural India irrigation is the difference between success and failure. This project provided simple, affordable Treadle Pumps as a cost-effective and reliable way to irrigate crops year round. As a result, farmers could grow two or three crops per year instead of one, increasing their income by an average of $400 every year.

More than 913,000 families now enjoy the benefits of owning a Treadle Pump. This project has also reduced over 170,000 tonnes of CO2e by avoiding use of expensive and polluting diesel pumps. The project received support and acknowledgement from organisations including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, The Ashden Awards and the Acumen Fund.


Some examples of projects you can support today : 

Climate+Care lighting up lives


This project cuts global carbon emissions by providing affordable, reliable solar energy for electricity and water heating to residential and commercial customers across 6 states in India. Contact the ClimateCare team to find out more information. 



Climate+Care delivering rural energy

through Bio gas

This project replaces wood fired and mud stoves technology with clean, sustainable and efficient biogas in Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat. Households use cow dung to feed the digester, displacing non-renewable biomass. This cuts carbon and protects local forests. In addition the project is improving hygiene for households and producing organic fertiliser as a bi-product, which can be used to improve                                                                                  soil conditions.

Contact the ClimateCare team to find out more information. 


Need something specific?
Tell us about the types of project and locations you are interested in and our project experts will develop a bespoke portfolio of projects for your business. For a larger investment we can even develop new projects within your supply chains or communities of interest. Request a no-obligation project portfolio proposal for your business.

Why take action with ClimateCare?

Our Climate+Care programmes deliver real, measurable value for people and the environment. They are also quick and simple to implement and cost effective, which is good for your business.

Our experts will guide you through the process of creating, delivering and measuring impact from your programme.

We also offer expert guidance and support to communicate the programme – engaging staff, customers and stakeholders.

Our clients have found their Climate+Care programmes increase brand value, win customer loyalty, deliver new business enquiries and improve staff motivation, recruitment and retention.


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