Today ClimateCare CEO Edward Hanrahan joined participants representing governments, the UN, World Bank, other Development and investment banks, private sector and NGOs to make commitments that could help grow the clean cooking sector, with the aim of preventing the 4 million deaths that occur every year from household air pollution caused by smoke from the use of open fires and traditional cookstoves.

Safer cooking brings positive impacts for women and children in particular – improving health by reducing their exposure to toxic smoke, freeing them from the time consuming and dangerous task of collecting fuel, cutting the risk of burns and reducing the burden of fuel costs.

Commitments were made as part of the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves ‘Cookstoves Future Summit’ chaired by former Secretary Hillary Clinton.

“We need to keep the Alliance going and growing,” said Clinton. “Find more partners; expand the market; put more stoves in the hands of consumers; save more lives. That’s what the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves is all about, and that’s why I will continue to be an enthusiastic supporter and partner.”

ClimateCare recently announced new targets to improve the lives of 20 million people and cut 20 million tonnes of CO2 by 2020. At the summit today we confirmed that our Climate+Care cookstoves programme has already provided cookstoves to 6.5 million people around the world and cut 2.6 million tonnes of CO2, and it will be a significant part of delivering our new targets.

ClimateCare has led clean cookstove programmes since 2004 when it started work on the first methodology to obtain funding through carbon finance. More than 39 projects around the world have now followed that first carbon finance methodology. We have also started to pioneer other ways of financing these vital projects – through measuring and reporting the Development Impacts and seeking payment for those Impacts on a Results Basis.

We’ll continue to work with both Private and Public sector partners to deliver these important programmes and call on organisations to support our cookstoves programme to deliver measurable benefits for communities and the environment.

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ClimateCare mobilises the power and scale of private finance to deliver projects with positive environmental and social impacts around the world. We combine the vision of a social enterprise and the commercial experience of an investment bank. Leveraging mainstream funding, we profitably deliver some of the largest, most successful corporate sustainability initiatives in the world.

From offices in Africa, Europe and Asia Pacific we help many of the world’s leading brands, organisations and governments scale up the impact of their initiatives. By investing their resources in projects that directly combat climate change and poverty, improve health and increase community welfare, we build better futures for millions of people around the world.

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Key supporters of cookstove projects include Jaguar Land Rover, who funded the first ever Gold Standard cookstove project through ClimateCare, and who have helped provide stoves to 832,000 families. The Co-operative and Aviva have also made significant contributions helping to fund stoves to 350,000 and 57,000 families respectively.

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