ClimateCare projects

We’ve a strong track record of creating award winning projects for Corporate, NGO and Government partners. Our Climate+Care approach means that our projects are designed to protect the environment and improve lives, and each delivers against multiple sustainable development goals.

We design programmes from the outset to align with the needs of the local community and your organisation’s priorities and core purpose. Our focus on measuring outcomes means you can report robust impact and generate maximum value from your involvement.


Take a look at some of the areas we work in below:


Clean-Cooking-Projects-Menu-TilesEmpowering Women & Girls

Our programmes can help free up time for women to spend on more productive and fulfilling activities and increases the amount of time girls can spend in school.

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Clean-Cooking-Projects-Menu-TilesTackling Poverty

We develop projects that help tackle poverty – saving families money on fuel and health bills, creating jobs and improving incomes.

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Clean-Cooking-Projects-Menu-TilesImproving Health

We help tackle major killers that are often overlooked – issues like air pollution and waterborne disease.

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Clean-Cooking-Projects-Menu-TilesEmployment & Growth

We create new markets that generate sustainable employment and support economic development.

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Clean-Cooking-Projects-Menu-TilesEducation & Lifelong Learning

Our programmes free time and money for education by tackling poverty, improving health and providing more efficient means of heating, lighting and cooking.

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Clean-Cooking-Projects-Menu-TilesClimate Change

Our projects cut global carbon emissions quickly and at scale, and build resilience in the communities you rely on.

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Clean-Cooking-Projects-Menu-TilesSustainable Agriculture

Sustainable Agriculture projects help to reduce CO2 emissions while
empowering smallholder farmers.

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Solar projects can improve energy access in developing countries as well as creating employment and improving skills.

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Clean-Cooking-Projects-Menu-TilesSafe Water

Safe Water Projects help to prevent deadly diseases such as cholera and typhoid as well as reducing carbon emissions.

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Clean-Cooking-Projects-Menu-TilesClean Energy

As well as helping to tackle climate change, Clean Energy projects can create multiple additional impacts including providing greater access to education.

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Clean-Cooking-Projects-Menu-TilesClean Cooking

Our clean cooking projects can help to tackle climate change, improve health and even create employment.

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Forest Projects help to restore and protect indigenous forests but also help to create new jobs and develop skills in the local communities.

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If you would like to learn more about any of our projects call one of our team today on
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