I’m delighted to tell you that today Carbon Trading Magazine announced the results of its prestigious 2012 Carbon Market Awards and that ClimateCare has been voted the winner of all three Voluntary Carbon Market categories it was eligible for:

  • Best Trader, Voluntary Carbon Market;
  • Best Project Developer,  Voluntary Carbon Market; and as joint winner of
  • Best Advisory Firm, Voluntary Carbon Market

It is fantastic to have this recognition by our Peers and Industry Experts and this is a strong validation of the integrated, holistic approach that we bring to client and partner relationships.

Through the last 15 years of constant innovation, a key driver for us has always been working with partners towards a shared end goal of maximising impacts for people, for the environment – and for our corporate clients and investors.

Strong, enduring relationships, as well as continual benchmarking are essential to this success and for this reason, peer and industry voted awards are particularly important to us.

Winning across three categories that represent core areas of our business is gratifying and confirms that ClimateCare continues to deliver results and value for our partners right across the business. There is still a lot to do – but it’s great to have our Peers and the Industry experts confirm that we are on the right track.

Read the full article here Carbon Trading Magazine – November 2012