18th July, Oxford

Read all about our work on plastics and what makes a successful impact investment in this week’s Raconteur special interest report published in The Times highlighting the future of investing. The article ‘Delivering impact in investing’, by Benjamin Chiou, follows an interview with our CEO Edward Hanrahan and highlights ClimateCare’s unique approach to delivering social and environmental benefits in hard to reach areas.

“It moves us from the old aid model of payment up front, where the public sector [or corporate] is taking the risk of delivery, to a payment-for outcomes model. This results-based finance method removes the risk of non-delivery or wasted aid from the public sector and moves it to the private sector. I think that is a big opportunity for the social impact world where aid or subsidies can be paid at the end.”

The article particularly features our programme to commercialise the recycling of ocean-bound plastic waste, working with corporates to buy plastic pellets with trackable provenance, to re-use as part of their supply chain requirements.

Read the article: Delivering impact in investing on the Times website

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