Combat Climate Change And Its Impacts

Climate change is now widely acknowledged as an urgent global challenge with implications for all countries. Developing countries will be most affected and least able to cope with the impacts of climate change, but rising global temperatures, increasing droughts and heavy rainfall will have immediate impacts around the world on food security, water management and health.

Helping the world’s poorest communities operate more sustainably can help reduce global carbon emissions, whilst at the same time reducing its impact by building resilience.

Simple changes can have enormous impacts. For example, residential burning of solid fuel for cooking, lighting and heating accounts for 25% of global black carbon emissions. Black carbon (or soot) is understood to have a very strong impact on the earth’s energy balance, by trapping energy in the atmosphere. The majority of household black carbon emissions are from households in developing countries. Providing these households with access to clean energy and cooking solutions could help reduce black carbon emissions by up to 90% and immediately improves air quality, improving health.[1]


What We Do

Since 1997 ClimateCare has delivered world leading projects that help tackle climate change. To date our work has directly cut more than 16.5 million tonnes of CO2 and the approaches and methodologies we’ve shared have helped hundreds of organisations to follow our lead.

We focus on delivering cost effective and appropriate interventions at scale and we’ve set ourselves a tough new target to cut a further 20 million tonnes of CO2 by 2020. We hope to achieve this by working with public and private sector to deliver integrated Climate+Care projects that cut carbon and improve lives.


What You Can Do

Climate change will affect us all, but you can take action today to build a more sustainable future.

Our expert teams can help you identify the best ways for your organisation to cut global carbon emissions and build climate resilience into the communities you rely on – your workforce, supply chains and key markets.


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[1] Global Alliance Clean Cookstoves