With over 22 years’ experience creating compliance-eligible emission reductions from new project activities in the field, we’re the perfect partner for those striving to meet their obligations under the Kyoto Protocol or Paris Agreement, national/regional programmes such as the Korean Emissions Trading Scheme, or new measures including the Aviation Industry offset scheme (CORSIA) and the South African Carbon Tax.

We have a unique combination of project development and financial expertise, a focus on robust, measurable results and a history of successful projects with a low cost per impact delivered.

With a long track record in originating successful Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and other emission reduction projects – particularly community-based projects in Least Developed Countries (LDCs) – we have a number of project activities at different stages in the cycle, from initial due diligence and Project Design Document (PDD) development, through to ongoing management and issuance. We can deliver emission reductions as CERs, GS CERs, GS VERs or other suitable instruments, such as ITMOs, Contact us with your requirements depending on your obligations.

We know the needs of no two organisations are ever alike, and can develop different partnership structures, including arrangement and management of finance where required. We are experts in complex risk management, applying our delivery risk mechanisms to provide reliable issuances.

We offer a variety of pricing structures from initial investment, to fixed price offtake on delivery, to those that are index or market linked.

We can also develop and commercialise the carbon assets for a range of compliance eligible projects.


  1. We discuss your specific emission reduction
  2. We use our knowledge to consider which approach
    best meets your needs – whether that’s a new activity
    or supplying the offtake from an existing project
  3. We model the project costs, taking account of delivery
    risk and building appropriate financial structures.
  4. We propose a project or projects to meet your exact
  5. We agree delivery forecasts and timelines and
    manage the project through to delivery of eligible

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Case Study

Government of Norway

Norwegian government meets its climate responsibility through large-scale carbon offsetting programme
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Case Study

Swedish Energy Agency

Energy agency meets its carbon reduction obligations through tailored Clean Development Mechanism project
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Aviation and shipping

Emissions from aviation and shipping continue to rise. We can help you neutralise these emissions now.
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Risk Management

Our enhanced due diligence process ensures your portfolio provides robust carbon reductions, protects you from delivery risk and ensures the projects you support are well managed.
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