Our Business Services: Measure: Plan: Change

We help businesses who want to operate responsibly do so in a way that is measured, robust, appropriate, and effective and which adds value to their business. Our modular approach means that you can select the right level of support for your business.

Whether you are taking the first step to measuring the social and environmental impacts of your business, want expert consultancy, or are looking for practical ways to deliver positive impacts, our team can help.


Stage 1: Measure

Measure your environmental and social performance, using the latest natural and social capital accounting techniques to:

  • Evaluate, value and report your impacts
  • Measure your progress against Sustainable Development Goals
  • Understand the most material impacts for your business
  • Identify hot spots and inform decision making
  • Improve reporting and monitoring

Output: A written assessment report of your impacts.



Stage 2: Plan

Our experts will create a cost effective plan to help you deliver your social and environmental objectives in a way that adds maximum value to your business and which aligns with your goals, value and purpose.

Output: Report specifying potential actions, costs and benefits.


Stage 3: Change

Implementation of a programmes that will:

  • Enhance your environmental and social impact performance
  • Increase efficiency and profitability;
  • Strengthen supply chain resilience;
  • Improve brand value and engage staff and stakeholders

Output: Delivered programme with impact report and communications support.


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