Corporate CSR Programmes

Sustainable business can increase innovation and revenue, reduce costs, build your brand and manage risks. If you engage your colleagues with your programme it can also reap rewards for employee retention and motivation.

Research also shows that 9/10 business expect demand for sustainable product and services to significantly strengthen, whilst 8/10 business think government regulations and investor interest will do the same. [1]

Leading organisations are moving beyond minimising their environmental & social impacts to delivering measurable value through their CSR programmes and community investments, aligned with their core business purpose. We can help you achieve this.

We work with leading corporate sustainability leaders to help them deliver against their corporate sustainability, CSR and community investment priorities. We help them make effective use of their budget to deliver social and environmental outcomes, with clear reporting to demonstrate impact and value for money. Our Climate+Care programmes enable our partners to position their businesses on ratings and award schemes that measure corporate sustainability performance from the Carbon Disclosure Project, Dow Jones Sustainability Index and FTSE4Good to the Bloomberg and Newsweek Green Rankings amongst others.

You can exceed your social, environmental and sustainable business targets with an integrated Climate+Care programme. We’ve helped hundreds of clients get more from their sustainability investments and CSR programmes, delivering values for their business while reporting robust measurable impacts such as environmental protection, improved health, employment generation and more.


Climate+Care CSR & Sustainability Programmes

We’ve worked with our leading corporate partners to develop the Climate+Care programme – a model that delivers robust, cost effective outcomes for people, the planet and your business.

This is about future proofing your business and giving you a license to grow. Our experts work with you to identify your core business impacts, your targets, values, expertise and skills – from this we devise a bespoke programme of projects to deliver against your priority targets and to reflect your core purpose.



Whatever your requirements our team will focus on making best use of your budget to deliver maximum impact on the ground, through innovative partnerships, projects and financing structures and a focus on results.

Our project delivery expertise reduces your risk and you can even pay by results.


Benefits For Your Business:

  • Expert resource available to plan, deliver and monitor your programme.
  • Flexible support, designed to supplement your own resources.
  • Maximise the impact you can make with your budget.
  • Increase the social return of your community investments.
  • Become carbon neutral or go further and be carbon positive.
  • Independently verified, robust measurement of outcomes.
  • Peer reviewed methodologies and standards.
  • VCS or Gold Standard emissions reductions.
  • Multiple business goals achieved through one programme.
  • Results focus
  • Scale your impact through innovative financial structures and partnerships
  • Differentiate from your competitors.
  • Engaging business narrative for investors, staff, media and customers.
  • Improve employee engagement.
  • Expert communications and marketing support.
  • License to operate and grow
  • Build credibility through association with established partners.
  • Empower your future workforce and consumers – increasing skills, wealth and opportunity.


How it works

ClimateCare experts work with you to understand your environmental, social and business requirements. We use our expertise to develop an appropriate combination of activity that makes sense for your business including:

  • Support for existing projects – to deliver quick, low risk, cost effective delivery towards your environmental, sustainability and business targets.
  • Flagship projects – to give you ownership of outcomes, strong communications, partnership endorsement and potential to scale your impact through match funding.
  • New projects – tailored projects or activity in your key markets, or your supply chain, delivering exactly the results you need in a location of your choice.

We also provide support to engage your staff and stakeholders with the programme including:

  • Developing communications strategy.
  • Developing engaging stories for media and stakeholders
  • Robust reporting
  • Staff engagement, including project visits


Making A Difference

Working with clients our Climate+Care approach has already improved the lives of 16.5 million people and cut over 20 million tonnes of CO2, helping tackle climate change.


“If there are issues that are interconnected, you have to have solutions that are interconnected. The way that Climate+Care comes together means there’s a whole raft of benefits that can be gained through an individual programme, so there can be health benefits, there can be education benefits,  employment benefits. We think that is a very smart approach.

Zelda Bentham,
Aviva PLC


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[1] Titan or Titanics Report, Carbon Trust, June 2015