Delivering value through integrated CSR programmes in India

ClimateCare has over 19 years of experience creating bespoke sustainability programmes for organisations across the globe. From our office in India, supported by a network of experts in the UK and Africa, we can work with you to deliver integrated Climate+Care programmes which protect the environment, improve lives in local communities, and deliver business value.

Whatever stage your business is at, we can help. Whether you are measuring and reporting impacts, designing programmes or looking at the best way to deliver impacts on the ground.


Case study

Jaguar Land Rover, owned by India-based Tata Group, has been working with ClimateCare since 2007 on community impact and carbon reduction programmes. We helped the organisation launch new 2020 targets, offset UK manufacturing assembly emissions and create and deliver community impact projects.

We also help Jaguar Land Rover measure and communicate its social and environmental impacts and engage employees across the organisation with its Global CSR Programme, including through project visits.

Most recently we have worked together to support provision of Solar Homework Lamps for school children in India – creating new opportunities for them to study and at the same time, reducing global carbon emissions.

Thanks to support from Jaguar Land Rover, students of the Government Higer Primary School try out their new homework lamps Thoreshetta Halli, Mandya District in Karnataka. India. Photography by Adeel Halim for ClimateCare.

“Working together with innovators and experts at ClimateCare has helped us think differently about the best way to meet our sustainability targets. ClimateCare ensure we invest our budget in projects that deliver robust and tangible results and we are excited about the potential of this type of collaboration for driving significant and meaningful change as we work towards a more sustainable future.”

Fran Leedham, Head of Environment and Sustainability, Jaguar Land Rover


Take Action Today

Whether you want to invest in a local community project, support projects in your supply chain, deliver against the SDGs, cut carbon or support renewable energy, we can help. Alongside all this, we’ll help you deliver measurable business results – building brand value, enhancing supply chain resilience and engaging your employees.


Measure your social and environmental impact

Our experts can help you measure your carbon footprint and carry out Natural Capital and Social Impact Assessments. If you already know what your impacts are, we’ll use this insight to create bespoke sustainability programmes that will deliver real value for your business and the communities you operate within.


Support solar energy provision in India

Provide clean and reliable energy to households and businesses – helping children learn and businesses thrive.

Orb34_cropped-3Family lives are enriched with reliable solar lighting. So far over 60,000 units from this project are providing safe, reliable power to houses and businesses across India.






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Invest in clean cooking solutions

Create healthier, happier lives for families across India by supporting provision of improved cookstoves. These dramatically reduce fuel bills, cut harmful indoor air pollution and at the same time, reduce global carbon emissions, helping to tackle climate change.


“I used to wander and wander in search of firewood when I was using traditional stove. My neighbor introduced me to Envirofit Jivan Jyoti Stove which is a boon. The percentage of fuel consumed by me is reduced by almost 60 %, which obviously saves time & money and we are able to live better life.”

Vineetha – Cookstove user



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Wind energy

Our wind energy projects, like this one in the State of Maharashtra feed reliable, clean energy into the regional energy grid, helping to displace polluting fossil fuel power generation whilst also supporting the local community through a number of education, healthcare and training initiatives.

Here, a group of women take part in a training course run by the project. Aside from generating clean energy, people in local communities have the opportunity to learn valuable new skills which have the capacity to further enhance their quality of life.






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