Energy from landfill in Thailand

Standard: GS CDM     Technology: LFG      Location: Thailand

The Bangkok Kamphaeng Saen East project is Thailand’s first landfill gas project. It converts methane emissions from landfill waste into electricity, channelling it into the country’s national grid. The methane (a potent greenhouse gas) would otherwise escape into the atmosphere, contributing to climate change. Creating renewable electricity is also helping to reduce Thailand’s reliance on fossil fuel-generated electricity, and lower its carbon emissions. In its first seven years, the project saved more than 270,000 tonnes of CO2 annually. The project created employment for 16 people and is helping to develop domestic expertise in landfill gas technology.

Delivering against the Global Goals

Local communities no longer experience the odour associated with rotting waste in landfill, which helps to improve their quality of life.  

The methane gas captured by the project would otherwise have contributed to climate change.

The project created 16 jobs and attracted new businesses to the area.

The project contributes to Thailand’s energy infrastructure and helps to meet its electricity demand.

Transitioning to a viable supply of renewable electricity is contributing to a cleaner local environment.

More than 270,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent are saved annually, helping to prevent further climate change.