Ensuring Healthy Lives

Better health improves well-being and supports economic development. Freedom from illness, and caring for others, means more time and money to spend working and studying. Healthcare costs are reduced and there’s an increased incentive to plan and invest in the future.

However, around the world, 400 million people do not have access to essential health services and 6% of those in low and middle income countries experience extreme poverty because of their spending on health. [1]

Every year 3.4 million people die from water related diseases like typhoid and cholera, which access to safe water, basic sanitation and proper hygiene education could help to prevent.

Indoor Air Pollution is another big killer in the developing world, responsible for the death of 4 million people every year – more than malaria and tuberculosis combined.


What We Do

Improving health is a core of our work. We focus on projects that bring simple, appropriate and affordable solutions to some of the poorest households in the world, and we do this at scale. We help tackle major killers that are often overlooked – issues like air pollution and waterborne disease.

Our experience, results based approach and desire to deliver at scale means we can create cost effective programmes to improve the health of households and whole communities:

  • Our clean cooking programmes reduce indoor air pollution saving lives. Bringing safe, affordable cooking to communities also saves money on fuel, creates local jobs and reduces the time women and children spend on the onerous and sometimes dangerous task of collecting fuel wood.
  • Our safe water programmes help to reduce exposure to waterborne diseases like typhoid and cholera while educating families and whole communities about the importance of drinking and washing with safe water.
  • By working with smallholder farmers to improve yields we help tackle poverty, improve access to nutrition and education, which in turn helps prevent disease.
  • Our programmes to deliver clean, reliable sources of energy to communities allow better provision of healthcare services as well as providing safe lighting, cooking and heating.


What You Can Do

Talk to us about your goals to improve health. From providing safe water to school children, to eradicating indoor air pollution for communities in your supply chain, we can deliver cost effective projects that deliver measurable health outcomes, tackle poverty and protect our environment.


Call our experts today to find out how you can improve health by supporting ClimateCare programmes 

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[1] Tracking universal health coverage: First Global Monitoring Report WHO/World Bank Group Report June 2015