Ethical Corporation – Aviva: Taking the measure of social impact

Aviva leads the way for corporate environmental and social responsibility in the Financial sector. After becoming Carbon Neutral in 2006, they partnered with ClimateCare to go one step further; offsetting emissions through world-leading projects with the aim of both protecting the environment and improving lives.

Measuring carbon reductions was straightforward. But, like many companies, Aviva faced the challenge of quantifying the social impact.

In this article, you will:Aviva_Case_Study_Thmubnail_frame3

  • Learn how Aviva and ClimateCare developed a new way to use the LBG framework to create meaningful social impact measurements
  • Understand how this can help you measure the proportion of social outcomes you are responsible for, if you are one of multiple partners supporting a project
  • Find out more about the world-leading projects Aviva supports to reduce carbon and improve lives

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