As part of its carbon reduction strategy, global adventure company Explore has become the first UK-based operator to offset all of the flights, hotel stays, and ground operations of its tours.

“Offsetting is a not a band-aid solution but there is a climate emergency and we wanted to look at what can we do in the short to medium term as the industry moves towards net-zero territory,” said deputy managing director, John Telfer.

The ClimateCare team sourced a portfolio of emissions reduction projects all verified by the Gold Standard, meaning Explore’s offsetting programme will reduce emissions and also contribute significantly to sustainable development. The portfolio features projects that reduce emissions through renewable energy provision, clean cookstoves and household biogas production (among others), in locations all over the world.

ClimateCare’s CEO, Vaughan Lindsay, commented: “We are delighted to be partnering with Explore, who are helping to lead the way in the sustainable travel sector. By making their tours carbon neutral as standard, they are helping all of their customers turn their climate responsibilities into positive outcomes.”

He concluded: “This programme demonstrates how organisations can take responsibility for their emissions now, while working to reduce their operational footprint. By choosing to offset these emissions through a portfolio of Gold Standard projects, Explore’s programme is both cutting CO2 and supporting the Gold Standard Foundation in its aims to deliver sustainable development and tackle climate change.”

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