Go Climate Neutral

To avoid the worst effects of climate change, science tells us we must limit global temperature rise to less than 2 degrees Celsius.

The United Nations has started a campaign to remind everyone, especially corporates and large emitters of the pressing need to go Climate Neutral Now.

To keep our communities healthy and safe we need a climate neutral world. Even with our best efforts to reduce, our daily activities and business operations will result in unavoidable emissions. In a world, where many corporations talk about ‘having positive impact’, that starts by neutralising negative impact on the climate. It is imperative that we all take full responsibility for our climate impact and this is why offsetting, after measuring and reducing, is key if we are to achieve a climate neutral world.



“Climate neutrality is a long term vision of the world we want this century, but it begins today and requires action from everyone – from governments to corporations, cities and individuals. I’ve already pledged to personally become Climate Neutral Now and invite you to join me in measuring, reducing and offsetting your emissions. Climate change will affect everyone, yet everyone can effect positive change now.”

Christiana Figueres,
Executive Secretary, UNFCCC


What is Climate Neutrality?

Achieving Climate Neutral status is a process endorsed by the United Nations and is an obvious starting point for businesses that want to demonstrate best environmental practice and responsible business growth.

At a simple level it’s the process of offsetting all the unavoidable carbon emissions that are produced by your organisation– funding the same volume of avoided or reduced carbon emissions elsewhere so that at a global level, your carbon footprint is neutralised.

There are many different types of Climate Neutral certification and the ClimateCare team can help you identify the best system for your business and create a cost effective programme of activity to gain and promote your Climate Neutral status, inspiring and encouraging others to do the same.

Businesses who work with ClimateCare receive expert help to measure their carbon footprint, set targets to reduce it and can take full responsibility for all the carbon emissions they produce  – offsetting those emissions through world leading projects. They also receive communications support allowing them to confidently declare themselves climate neutral.

Even if you are not ready to take a leadership position by offset all your carbon emissions just yet, or if you are unsure about whether it is right for your organisation or not – you can still take positive steps towards climate neutrality.


The business benefits

  • Join a UN backed campaign to demonstrate responsible business
  • Differentiate your brand (or specific products and services)
  • Quick and cost effective way to meet carbon reduction and reporting targets
  • Clearly understood term – build trust with customers, staff and stakeholders
  • Certificate and Stamp to demonstrate activity on marketing materials
  • Simple, effective communications assets
  • Robust measurement and independent verification of carbon reductions
  • Expert advice and support from the ClimateCare team


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