Government & Aid Programmes

We help multilateral, government and individual donors deploy aid effectively to deliver sustainable development outcomes in Least Developed Countries.

Whether your primary driver is tackling climate change, or taking action to reduce poverty, improve health and grow local economies, we can help:

  • Advise on and develop policy.
  • Create and deliver successful projects that deliver multiple climate and development outcomes cost effectively, and at scale.
  • Secure private sector funding to increase impact.
  • Develop innovative financial models that reduce risk and increase impact, with a focus on providing long term finance for projects.
  • Robustly measure, analyse and report on outcomes to aid transparency and demonstrate impact.
  • Develop new markets that mean initial aid funding can be used to start work that will become self-sustaining over time.

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We work with a variety of organisations to advise them on how to deliver value. For example we have recently led work to:

  • Effectively deploy UK aid – setting up a new market for ethanol fuel and cooking in Kenya that cuts carbon and improves health by cutting indoor air pollution.
  • Advise the Kenyan Government – collecting and analysing data on household energy, waste management and transport systems and recommending policy actions to overcome barriers to low carbon development.
  • Deliver climate and social impacts for DFID – by implementing a clean cooking programme for agricultural workers that cuts carbon, reduces fuel bills and improves health.
  • Improve the Charcoal Supply Chain for the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation – piloting the use of charcoal kilns and renewable feed stocks to reduce deforestation and increase productivity and income for charcoal producers.
  • Develop Kenya’s Second National Communication on climate change – providing an overview of climate change policy and actions to key stakeholders, highlighting issues and informing policy and programme planning.



  • Value for money – our model is proven to deliver cost effective impacts for people and the environment, at scale
  • Robust measurement – transparency and accountability to tax payers and stakeholders
  • Experience – award winning team with over 20 years’ experience in policy advice and project delivery with public and private sector partners
  • Expertise – world leaders in innovative finance and tackling climate and social development challenges at scale
  • Reduced risk – opportunity for results based payments and to bring in private sector match funding
  • Access to a wide network of expert partners – ensuring you benefit from the best skills and expertise.


How it works

Our experts work with you to maximise the outcomes you can deliver in terms of climate change mitigation, adaptation and human development. We can help you with:


Contact us to find out how ClimateCare can help you develop effective policy and deploy funds for maximum impact

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