1. Measure

The first step is to measure the carbon footprint of your operations. Individuals and businesses with a small carbon footprint can do this using our simple online calculator, whilst those organisations with a larger or more complex measurement requirements can access our expert team of consultants to calculate their carbon footprint. The team can help you measure your footprint and if required have this certified.
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2. Reduce

Next, it’s important to set targets to reduce your emissions and implement strategies to do so. Substantial cost savings can often be identified and our expert team is available to help you identify appropriate reduction targets and strategies for your business. Simply contact us on +44 (0)1865 591000 for more information.
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3. Offset

Once you have measured your baseline emissions and set targets to reduce them, the next step is to offset your residual carbon footprint. ClimateCare can help you do this through a portfolio of projects that reflect your organisation’s priorities and budgets – from the most cost effective, and environmentally robust projects, to a gold standard portfolio that improves lives as well as protecting the environment.
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4. Communicate

The final step is to share what you are doing with your staff and stakeholders. Everyone who offsets some of their carbon emissions through ClimateCare will receive a certificate to show their offset and are entitled to use our Climate Aware Stamp on their website, packaging and marketing materials.

In addition, those who measure their carbon footprint, have it externally verified, set targets to reduce it and offset residual emissions can demonstrate their Climate Neutral Status with our Climate Neutral Stamp.

Going Climate Neutral with ClimateCare also entitles you to become a partner in the UN’s Climate Neutral Campaign demonstrating your actions and encouraging others to follow your lead.
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