“Working together with innovators and experts at ClimateCare has helped us think differently about the best way to meet our sustainability targets. ClimateCare ensure we invest our budget in projects that deliver robust and tangible results and we are excited about the potential of this type of collaboration for driving significant and meaningful change as we work towards a more sustainable future.”

Fran Leedham, Head of Environment and Sustainability, Jaguar Land Rover



Jaguar Land Rover has always taken its responsibility to people and the environment seriously. The company was awarded BITC Responsible Business of the Year 2013 for its innovative, consistent approach to responsible business throughout a global operation. One small but essential part of this strategy is to ensure that the UK manufacturing assembly of both the Jaguar and Land Rover fleet remains carbon neutral. Simple offsetting of carbon emissions may be enough for some car manufacturers, but Jaguar Land Rover wanted to look at innovative ways to make their investment do more.



Taking an open minded approach to addressing this challenge, meant Jaguar Land Rover was able to collaborate for long term, maximum effect. Working with ClimateCare, and drawing on its expertise in the development and delivery of integrated projects that both protect the environment and improve people’s lives, Jaguar Land Rover have been able to achieve some astonishing results.



Working together with ClimateCare and its network of partners, Jaguar Land Rover has so far improved the lives of 2 million people, as well as offsetting more than 10 million tonnes of CO2.

It has done this by supporting integrated Climate and Development projects. For example, according to the UN’s Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, smoke from open fires or rudimentary cookstoves kills 1 person every 16 seconds – that’s 4 million deaths a year.  Jaguar Land Rover has improved the lives of 1.3 million people through provision of clean and efficient cookstoves. These stoves use less fuel, saving families money and reducing carbon emissions as well as reducing the toxic fumes that cause health problems.

Jaguar Land Rover has also supported the award winning LifeStraw Carbon for Water project, which cuts carbon by providing families with simple water filters, so they no longer need to boil water on wood fires in order to make it safe. This year, by offsetting manufacturing emissions with this project, Jaguar Land Rover funded provision of safe water to the entire Busia region of Western Kenya. That’s more than 700,000 people who now have safe water to drink and reduced exposure to waterborne diseases.

In addition by supporting 49 renewable energy projects, Jaguar Land Rover has funded the generation of 7.4 million MWh or clean energy, enough to power London for 49 days. This is not only reducing the use of fossil fuels but providing reliable power to communities, stimulating the local economy and improving life for local residents.



ClimateCare has both helped develop new projects for Jaguar Land Rover and engage them with existing partners to scale up activity and deliver more than they could do alone. Ensuring results can be measured means Jaguar Land Rover can confidently communicate its achievements, demonstrate value for its investment and importantly set the right targets alongside its future growth plans.

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