Market Development

Taking a new product or service to market is never easy. It can take years to establish new brands, build trust and educate communities about the benefits of a new product or service.

These issues are accentuated in developing markets, where channels of communication and distribution are not yet established and markets remain very local.

Since its formation in 1997 ClimateCare has specialised in creating markets for products and services that protect the environment and improve lives. We believe that taking a market based approach to some key development challenges such as clean cooking and access to renewable energy, is more effective and sustainable over the long term.

We offer corporate and government clients the opportunity to take advantage of our established networks, as a quick and cost effective means to deliver beneficial goods and services to base of pyramid consumers.

Our team can provide expert support from stakeholder consultatnions, product testing and launch, through to local sales, access to finance and support/ maintenance programmes.

Got a great product or service that could benefit communities in less developed countries? Talk to us about testing and launching it.


Using ClimateCare’s networks to take your products and services to market makes good business sense. And ultimately means more families will benefit from a wide-range of life enhancing tools.

ClimateCare offers:

  • Simple, quick and cost effective route to market.
  • Integrated distribution model, meaning costs of supply are reduced.
  • Established and trusted retail network
  • Known and trusted brands
  • Local financing mechanisms in place to assist sales
  • Reduced market establishment costs
  • Enhanced take up leading to increased market sales
  • Quicker return for your investment


How it works

Entering a new market can be a daunting prospect. If you are interested in providing beneficial goods and services to the East African Market contact us to tap into our known and trusted brands, local retail, distribution, finance and support networks.

We can help with:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Market Research
  • Supply chain logistics
  • Structuring finance
  • Product & Testing
  • Product Launch and Delivery
  • After sales support
  • Evaluation and transparent reporting


Contact us to find out more about our networks and how we can help you to develop new markets.

Or alternatively, call us on +44 (0)1865 591000