Measuring Impact

A focus on outcomes, robust measurement and learning from results, is key to the ClimateCare philosophy.

We use approved methodologies and frameworks to measure project outputs. For example in a clean cooking programme, this would be the number of clean cookers installed. We then go a step further, monitoring how many people use them, how often and how they perform and  secure independent verification of results.

Where possible we also measure the outcomes of the intervention, such as health improvements, jobs created, increased income or carbon reductions.

Contact us to find out more about our world first methodologies that allow measurement of carbon reductions from clean cooking and safe water projects, or our work with Aviva to be the first to apply the LBG framework to their ClimateCare projects and measure the number of lives improved.



  • A focus on results drives the most cost effective interventions
  • Regular, robust measurement of outcomes delivered to agreed frameworks
  • Transparent reporting
  • Reduced risk – with Results Based Payments. Pay only for what is delivered


How it works

Measuring results is not just about demonstrating impact and learning what works. It allows us to take a different approach to project finance.

Historically project finance has been focussed on one off, up-front payments for a specific intervention to take place. ClimateCare is using robust measurement to turn this model on its head.

We encourage our partners to combine an upfront set up payment, with payment on delivery of agreed results – such as the number of lives improved or verified carbon reductions. This reduces your risk and allows us to focus on using budgets to maximum effect, doing what is needed to deliver maximum results on the ground for people and the environment.

Results Based Payments like this also offer a long term project finance model, with payments for results typically made over periods of 6-20 years. This allows us to operate at scale and to invest in activity that delivers a real lasting legacy for local communities, at the same time providing you with regular updates and impact figures.


Contact us to find out how robust measurement and results based payments could increase the impact of your climate and sustainable development budgets

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