A new report by UNICEF highlights the dangers to children from household air pollution and deadly waterborne diseases. The report shows that Household air pollution leads to 4.3 million deaths annually with 13% (over half a million) of these deaths in children under 5. It also explains how deadly waterborne diseases such as cholera can be exacerbated by severe weather events such as flooding which often limit access to safe water supplies.

At ClimateCare, we have been working with partners to tackle climate change, reduce poverty and improve health for over 18 years. Our Clean Cookstove projects cut carbon emissions helping to tackle climate change, save families money on fuel and reduce household air pollution and the risk of deadly diseases such as Pneumonia – particularly in women and children. And our safe water programmes help to protect children from deadly diseases like typhoid and cholera.

As an example we recently launched a new project with Jaguar Land Rover that is providing safe water to 375 schools in Kenya – using smart water purifying technology to improve the lives of more than 300,000 school children. This project not only creates an immediate impact by reducing children’s exposure to waterborne diseases, it will also leave a lasting legacy – supporting a better education for a whole generation of school children. In addition it is providing business value for Jaguar Land Rover, who have used the project as part of their join the experience programme to engage staff across the business with their CSR activity.

If you would like to read more about the effects of climate change on children you can download a full version of UNICEF’s report here. To take action that will improve the lives of children around the world, call our team today +44 (0)1865 591000