Access to safe water supplies, flooding, drought and water pollution have now been ranked as the most serious threat to business and society in 2015. The World Economic Forum’s 10th Global Risks report surveys nearly 900 senior leaders in politics, business and civic life about the world’s most critical threats and Water Crises has been ranked as the most significant risk in terms of its potential impact.

ClimateCare partners such as Jaguar Land Rover and The Co-operative are taking action to help mitigate such water risks by supporting integrated Climate and Development programmes.

Jaguar Land Rover has been a long-time supporter of the Lifestraw Carbon for Water project. This project provides families with simple water filters, meaning they no longer need to boil water on wood fires in order to make it safe. Last year Jaguar Land Rover supported this project across the entire Busia region of Western Kenya, helping to provide more than 700,000 people with safe water to drink, and reducing their exposure to waterborne diseases. At the same time, this activity cut enough carbon to offset the company’s entire UK manufacturing operations.

The Co-operative has taken steps to tackle climate change while supporting the communities within its own Fairtrade supply chain. Having identified a lack of access to safe water as a key issue facing workers in their supply chain, The Co-operative, in partnership with ClimateCare, set about extending the AquaClara project to communities in Kericho, Kenya. It is expected that this extension will cut 6,462 tonnes of carbon and provide safe water to 14,000 people.

And it’s not just about having safe water to drink and wash with. Managing water flows in a changing climate is becoming increasingly important. For example, India despite being water rich for the most part, lacks the necessary water related infrastructure to support its growing population. Projects such as the award winning Treadle Pumps project help address this by providing a reliable and affordable means of irrigation to rural farmers. This project is helping to reduce soil erosion and cut CO2 while empowering farmers and tackling rural poverty.

If you would like to support water projects that help tackle climate change whilst mitigating the risks of potential water crises then contact a member of our team today: +44(0)1865 591000