If you needed further proof that supporting our Climate and Development projects delivers benefits for people as well as the environment, then you’ll be delighted to hear that new Gold Standard Research published today once again confirms the huge financial value of offsetting through ClimateCare’s integrated projects.

It shows that businesses who choose to offset their unavoidable carbon emissions through our efficient cookstove and safe water projects are delivering millions of dollars of benefits to local communities every year, as well as taking responsibility for their carbon emissions.

The research shows that:

  • For every tonne of carbon you offset through projects like LifeStraw Carbon for Water, you will deliver $117 of health impacts and $1 of employment.
  • For every tonne offset through projects like Gyapa Stoves, you will deliver $55 of health impacts, $93 livelihood impacts and $3 of employment.

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ClimateCare – Leading the way

Back in 2003, ClimateCare wrote the Gold Standard Methodology that first made carbon finance for efficient cookstoves possible and pioneered the first project. Today, research shows that collectively, Gold Standard cookstove projects deliver 84 million dollars in health benefits every year, and almost 630 million dollars over the life of a project. In addition households save an estimated 143 million dollars annually on fuel bills and local communities benefit from 4 million dollars a year of employment benefits.

We also lead authored a methodology to make it possible to use carbon finance for safe water provision, and partnered with health experts Vestergaard to deliver the world first LifeStraw Carbon for Water project – using carbon finance to fund safe water provision for more than 4.5 million people in western Kenya.

We work with Governments, NGOs and business around the world to continue to develop and deliver innovative climate and development projects at scale, improving the lives of millions of people whilst also tackling climate change.

If you are interested in working with us to develop new projects, or to scale up your existing activities, please get in touch.


> Read the full research report here.